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Here, I will work on translations to Dutch, since using Word didn't really work out.
My Translate List:

Eigen doelpunt[edit]

“Eh? Suarez nooit maken die eigene dúlpunt...”

~ Luis Suarez on ène eigene dúlpunt

“Sja, je moet wel weten waar je moet scoren; anders niet schieten, da's logisch.”

~ Johan Cruijff on ège doellpunte

“Ja pierdolę...”

~ Jerzy Dudek on strzeleniu samobója, als keeper nog wel!

Een eigen doelpunt is een voetbalterm. De betekenis ervan is de voetbal in de spelers eigen doel brengen en zo de tegenpartij een doelpunt opleveren. Vaak laat het zien dat een speler domme pech heeft, dronken is of simpelweg geen talent heeft voor voetbal. Soms worden de eigen doelpunten ook met opzet gemaakt. Dit is dan omdat de speler contact heeft met de gokmaffia en door de uitslag te beïnvloeden zijn geld verdient.

next section: Who scores own goals and why; I pointed out that in Australian rules or Rugby there were/are reported instancers of scoring deliberate own goals to reduce possible loss of bigger amount of points if opponents scored instead.

then - what you can do after scoring the own goal and thera are like: "kicking a post", "swear", "call goalkeeper an idiot", "laugh like an idiot" etc. etc.

then - different kinds of own goal, like - "accidental", "deliberate", "I want to kick the ball out of the goal", "I thought the goal is further away" etc, and they are funnily (I think) described.

then - list of famous "suiciders" - guy who scored remarkable won goals (play of words in fact - gol samobójczy in Polish could be literally translated as "suicidal goal" but apart of it, there is a list and their goals are explained in funny way or as it really was without any addidtions. In fact, soccer supporters will laugh regardless of it.

The article contains also a lot of YouTube films that shows own goals.

The article was 4th and 6th in Top Ten 2009 voting in Polish Uncyclopedia (there was 36 featured articles last year, so it was a good score). People generally liked it and I like it too. It doesn't show own goals as something "made by aliens, Chuck Norris or any other retarded thing", it just focus on subject and makes laugh at it in simple way of colorized "truth".