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Here's how to make an unVoyage article! Really, this is just the format of most WikiVoyage articles. Sue me, Jimbo.

General tips[edit]

File:1948-1949 Quality Courts United travel brochure.png
Take these image templates with you…
  • Be sure to place some nice images throughout the article. For {{Pagebanner}} you need an image at least 2000px wide. Wikimedia is a great place for these.
  • Keep things succinct while still providing depth into how to travel to these places and have the UnWorst experience.
  • It might be a good idea to place some external links into the article to further give the appearance of a WikiVoyage article.
  • If you use the 'Create Article' form at the bottom of the page, it will pre-format your article for you.
  • Call your mom sometimes.

UnVoyage destination designation[edit]

Firstly, be sure to place the template {{unv}} either at the top or bottom of the page. If you're using the page banner, the bottom of the page is probably a better choice.

Place name (you may want to mention the name in other languages or pronunciation) Talk generally about the place, the country it's in, etc. Here is where you put general (not specific) info.


File:♯Zurashi-tabi tour pamphlet desk.jpg
This image retains its border at full width for mobile devices (278px default max). Note the {{nobr}} template in the text below for proper wrapping when the screen is resized.

Put the most important information for tourists here.


Give a brief description of the history of the place. If you want, steal from the original article on that country if it exists, but make sure you credit the original author with a citation or spork template.


Information about the language(s) spoken.

Get in[edit]

Information on how to arrive to this place - airport info, bus routes, etc.

Get around[edit]

Transportation notes and advice.

Dons Tour Brochure photo 1970.jpg
This is a super wide image that resizes for mobile.


Give info about various modes of transportation within the place, like the subway, Uber, etc.



Bicycle/On Foot[edit]

Because biking and walking are healthy for you. And you might just spot something new and special while you are doing something healthy for a change.


File:1936 NBC Radio City Tour brochure.jpg
This is a wide image (420px max) that resizes for mobile. Note the {{SP}} template in the text below for proper wrapping when the image is floated.
  • Landmark name is a famous landmark here. Now give some info about that landmark and how to access it.
  • {{listing}}


You can do:

  • This event is an annual festival that takes place here.
  • That museum offers free tickets to tourists on the second Whatsday of every month.


How to buy stuff. Mention whether the accept credit cards, and talk about the local currency.


File:Domestic travel pamphlets (140316976).jpg
This image stays floated for mobile devices and retains its border (150px max).
  • This restaurant has some cool stuff and was visited by Guy Fieri.
  • {{listing}}



Stay safe[edit]

How to stay safe while visiting. Give general tips or rules of thumb, or maybe how to avoid getting robbed.


How to dress, cultural information for the area, etc.


Communications such as post offices, libraries, immigration or phone numbers.

Create an UnVoyage Article…

Go next[edit]

  • [[A place to go next]]

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