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(The annoying, all-too-familiar Something Special theme plays, and then a kid says “Something Special!” before they theme song fades out. Now, we see Mr. Tumble in his kitchen. He looks jolly as can be.)

Mr. Tumble
Hi there! It’s me, Mr. Tumble, and i’m going to be in the kitchen today!
random little girl, off screen
You’re already in the kitchen, you fat bastard! What are you in the kitchen for?
Mr. Tumble
Today, I’ll make a new recipe, and it’s called a Special Salad! (takes out the ingredients, all in little bowls) First, you need: Dark Side Phil’s toenail cheese, my special gravy from last night’s circlejerk, foot lettuce, crushed weight loss pills, and a nice dose of rotten, gushy tomatoes. Can you help Mr. Tumble mix it up with his bare hands?
random little girl again
No way. Piss off, fat meister! Piss off!
Mr Tumble
Well, okay, I’ll ush and gush it all by myself, hee-hee! (proceeds to mix and pound this slimy salad mixture, with his bare hands) Ooshy, gushy, oosh-oosh gushy! Oh! Salad’s ready, all raw and slimy! (plates his salad on an antique plate) Now, before we dig in, let’s sign for all the ingredients. (picture of Foot Lettuce shows up, Mr Tumble points at it) Oh, look! It’s foot lettuce! (signs Foot lettuce) Can you sign Foot Lettuce?

(Mr Tumble repeats the signing lessons with all the other ingredients , like cheese, tomatoes, pills, and gravy. Now, he scoops up some of this ooshy, gushy salad with his bare hands, on a paper plate, just for himself). Okay kids, let’s watch Mr. Tumble eat his Special Salad! (he takes a mouthful, and then he pukes green liquid everywhere) EW! UGH!!! BLEH!!! (keeps puking)

Random little girl
See? That salad is disgusting, Mr tumble! Enjoy your stomach bug for the next 24 hours!

(episode ends)