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Today much to my Dismay pleasure we will be reviewing one of the worst best video games of all time; ET: The Video Game


As any gamer would do I opened up the manual, It said "What kind of crazy planet is this, anyway? We came here to conduct a simple study of primitive planets, and look what happened! These...things...came and scared away my friends. Before I knew it, all my friends boarded our lightship and flew home" sounds nothing exactly like the movie you can tell that this game is gonna be shit Great!


The controls are extremely hard to get used to. I mean come on the joystick to move? That is really hard to do! why could it let me use the button to move? and not only that but according to the manual I have to "Press the RESET switch on your console of press the red button on your Joystick Controller to start the game." I mean come on couldn't I just type in the power code, ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → A, B, Start?


The Graphics are amazing! better than even the PS4 which is amazing considering how old the game is!

                                                                    Look at that amazing scenery! I mean                                     
                                                                    this game looks better than even Witcher 3!

Game Play[edit]

Now for the most important part of the game, the game game play. Now after I got used to the controls, I read through the manual again to see what I should do. It said find phone pieces collect candy basically, so basically any game ever. Now as I was playing I started to notice something was missing... THAT'S IT, it is missing online play and guns. I mean how am I supposed to play this with my friends without online play! And how am I supposed to kill the people? WHERE ARE MY GUNS!? but other than that the game is tough, but fair, and is really fun!


The controls are very confusing, but once you get used to them they are not that bad... The graphics are amazing and make games like battlefield 4 look like shit. And the game play is really fun, but I wish I had a gun and I could play online but other than that it is awesome!

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