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Unpoetia logo.jpg Poetry for people who hate poetry
We were thinking of the bomb.
All the whiles, he was chewing chewing gum
That he had had for a time now
But chewing gum doesn't go bad or brown.
All the whiles, he had had the TV on
That that blonde idiot had commandeered
Or was it that other blonde idiot?
It doesn't really matter, because
He wasn't watching.
He was thinking about the bomb.
We were thinking about the bomb.
Man, was that some bomb.
Best bomb of 2008, dear
Best bomb ever, man.
Sure it killed a few white families
Destroyed a few white ponds, a few white houses
With ugly white stucco and ugly white windows
Made the TV turn white with repentance,
Made a few white collar bystanders' jackpots.
He construed it as a contractor's construction
It certainly was a contractor's structural dream
There's money to be made and that's why
We were thinking about the bomb.
We were still thinking about it.
And once the blonde idiots left, the money was spent, the TV had paid its license fee, programmed its standard issue, and reaped its ratings
Once dignity and venerability had gone to pot, much remained
For him to believe the venture was worthwhile, as the culprits still kept the profits in their hearts,
Sadistic as it may sound, in HM prison.
For him it was another grim whim, as is oft reported on TV
For him, his house had not collapsed, his dog had not died and his gum had not soured
In a year he was no longer thinking about the bomb.