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8 March 2017
In almost any country in the world, you can find women with nice bums.

NEW YORK, New York – Today is International Women's Day around the world, and representatives from all over the blobe are meeting in New York to discuss the issues facing the female of the species, focusing on important questions, such as:

  • What does ending gender-based violence mean to people around the world?
  • What can individuals do to tackle violence and discrimination against women?
  • What needs to be done at the grassroots level?
  • What can world leaders do?

Bearing this in mind, UnNews would like to make a plea for all of our readers to make a special effort today. It's very unlikely that you have any money or power, but with one small gesture we hope that you will do your bit for International Women's Day. So, whether the woman in your life is your partner, or your mother...

Let her choose what she cooks you for dinner tonight.