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I dug this out of the old family album and wanted to share it with you. This is mom, Bess Wingfield, taken during our vacation in Greece. She landed a 10-pound Cretan that day, but also burned pretty badly. ~~Tris

Dad kept this photo as a memento of the day an energetic eight-year-old bled out after fighting the hook. Dad used to laugh that mom then came up behind him and pushed him off the shore as a joke, and it took her a week to wash the blood out of his trousers. Mom's hiding in the tall grass on the right there.

This is one we caught, let me think, I want to say somewhere near Duluth? Dad should have marked these pictures on the back.

I remember this! Dad took a picture of mom getting soaked while teaching a class on how to land a big one without a net. The old lady didn't look half-bad all wet and wriggly. And I'd forgotten that she'd gone Ginger that Summer!

Pried jaw.JPG