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“In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Goh, Mai Hum!”

~ Holy Goh on The Holy Goh
This article is about The Holy Goh. You may actually be looking for The Holy Ghost, or perhaps The Metaphysical Doh.

Holy Trinity: The Holy Goh
Developer(s) Electronic Science
Publisher(s) Electronic Science Publishings
Designer(s) Seat Mayor
Engine IndirectY 9.0c
Latest version 1.0 Alpha&Omega
Release date(s) After the fourth horsemen
Mode(s) Spiritual Entity
Rating(s) R21
Platform(s) Macrohard Doors, uMek, kLeenux
Media Government-controlled
System requirements Absolute Obedience, no questions asked.
Input Spirit, Soul and Body
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Holy Trinity: The Holy Goh is the second of the three expansion packs of Singapore-made game Holy Trinity: Singapore. The other two are Holy Trinity: The Father, the first ever, and Holy Trinity: The Son, the latest. The game is made by Singaporean Progammer Seat Mayor, therefore, it has latest 4D graphics that requires IndirectY 9.0c to run.

Previously, in Holy Trinity: Singapore, you play a citizen. If you obey the program with all your heart all your soul and all your might, it would not lag. But if you ever in single moment grieve the Holy Goh, it will leave you and the program will lag so that the screen will play like a slide projector and the sound comes out afew seconds later. Therefore, obey the program!


In this expansion pack, you get to be the Holy Goh and control the citizens. (Those stupid people who are still have not bought the expansion packs) In short, you can do whatever you like, but under the control of The Son. (Those who have bought the latest expansion pack, so get it now!)

You get to enact any law you like and see how the citizens suffer. Depending on how much you pay to get your game, you might be limit to only SMRT bus fare hikes and GST increases all year long. This mode will be the hardest to win because the citizens easily get bored of the same thing and will revolt against The Holy Trinity.

If you pay a lot, you can change the very Constitution! Increase the budget spending on ministers like yourself as what TT. Durai did in NKF, this allow you to drive around in super long limosines, stay in the most expensives suites and many other attractions!

Tips & Tricks[edit]

1. Erect several merlion altars to get more citizens to pray to The Holy Trinity.

2. Always make sure that citizens to not grieve the Holy Goh, or you will leave them and you cannot control them. This is an unexplained glitch that the Developers yet to correct.

3. Make the Education system as rigid as you can in order to brainwash the students to become your unquestioning servants.

4. Always make sure the people think that your Church, PAP, is only just a political party among others, thus creating an illusion of a multi-party democracy.

5. Never allow any citizens to find out there is a Lee Dynasty or that you are controlling them totally. Otherwise, your citizens will slowly drain your Treasury and soon riots will start breaking out, resulting in Game Over or better known as Apocalypse.

6. Keep in mind that the Lee Dynasty must never end! This is so to allow uncountable bonus points will be added to your total score, leaving you in international highscore list.

7. Charge any male who tries skipping National Service with extremely heavy fines to add bonus credits to your Treasury.

Natural Resources[edit]

Lightning Harvester - This option is available after buying credits at the nearest game shop. As Singapore is in the tropical region, lightning storms frequently occur. Scientists have noted that each lightning strike contains several million volts. Installing harvesters all over the extremely tall HDB flats, you will be able to harness the lightning's energy and save on Treasury's money.

NEWater - This option is only available after you completed the Malaysia Water Quarrel Campaign. You will be able to make sewage water look like normal water and sell the "water" to unsuspecting citizens. This allow you to not depend on other countries and will further your aim in imitating China's Close-Door Policy.

SARS plague - Anytime after you have reached 2003 AD in the game, you will be able to release plagues to the citizens for not obeying the Holy Trinity.

Bird Flu plague - If the citizens stop obeying you again after the SARS plague, you can use this on neighbouring country to remind them of SARS and they will turn obedient again. This option has a 5% chance of becoming a full-blown pandemic.


On default, every male citizen at age 18 will be forced to leave their family to be drafted into National Service. This allows you to scare or conquer several other neighbouring countries around. Note that the programmed downside for this feature is that your country shall have several gangsters who knows the first three multiples of Three by heart or thinks S and T comes right after A instead of B and C. These gangsters will wreak havoc on your country's infrastructure and might undermine your completion of the game.

Getting rid of the gangsters will earn you bnus points that will surely get you to the top of the national highscore list.