That Time I Was Nearly Crashed Into by a Boeing 747 during my sojourn to the Twin Towers

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Dude, that fucking plane was huge. Like, WTF?

It was like some kind of fucking jihad! WTF?

So there I was[edit | edit source]

Sitting in the fucking Twin Towers, doing my Firefighting thing with the Pole and the trucks, right? Like, hot, flaming shit.

And this fucking Boeing 747[edit | edit source]

bursts out of the sky, flames all over the place, and instead of going for the landing strip, it makes a jihadline right for the Twin Towers!

So I pulled out my[edit | edit source]

Firehose, and put the hose the shit out of the thing, and it tries to crash into me! WTF!

I barely got away with a major burning, and facial scorching and a severed brachialis radial.

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