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1 = Article pages
2 = All pages, including discussion pages if no 3 and Articles if no 1 - Set this to 'unset' others
3 = All discussion pages (Talk pages and Forum)
4 = User, User talk, and Articles if no 1
5 = File, Category, and Articles if no 1
6 = Everything but Discussion pages, Forum and Uncyclopedia (Articles if no 1)
7 = File, Category and Template (Articles if no 1)
8 = File, Category, Template and User pages only
9 = Everything but Category, Discussion pages, Forum and Uncyclopedia (Articles if no 1)
o = other pages only

List of Namespaces


Main UnNews Undictionary UnGames UnBooks UnScripts UnPoetia Unquotable UnDebate UnTunes HowTo Why? UnReviews UnVoyage

User File Template Category

Uncyclopedia MediaWiki Help Forum

Module Babel Gadget Gadget definition

Talk Uncyclopedia talk User talk File talk Babel talk Gadget talk Gadget definition talk UnNews talk Undictionary talk UnGames talk UnBooks talk UnScripts talk UnPoetia talk Unquotable talk Template talk MediaWiki talk Help talk Forum talk UnDebate talk Category talk UnTunes talk HowTo talk Why? talk UnReviews talk UnVoyage talk Module talk

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