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You idiot! Come for a weekend in South Carolina! I dare you! We dont take too kindly to politically correct muslim loving yankees!

Spoken like a true Southerner.. Ignorant and belligerent. No wonder they lost the Civil War.


you sir know nothing of the true south. There were some good things and bad things as there are in any area. I have traveled the whole country and never seen anyone as dumb as you. The only reason we "lost" this so called war you talk about is because we had few rations. The southern men starved and had very little to eat on the home front. Doctors were also scarce and not as educated as the northern soldiers. you have no facts on this page to back this information up all you have are your opinions and others opinions. Opinions are like buttholes everybody has one. I agree with the first poster. Come to south GA, particuarally Brantley county and talk like this. You wouldn't last a day. And do say that the person who got tired of you would get caught because we have some hungary gators and a swamp filled with them.

Please Read[edit]

I didn't make this article, but you people need to calm down. This is a parody wiki, and many things here are fueled by stereotypes. Expect this kinda stuff all around this site.