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World faces Umlaut shortfall due to learned articles about Motorhead on Uncyclopedia. In the short term semicolons can be recycled into commas with their top bits(to use the technical term) being refashioned into half Umlauts. Colons (or Guts) can be turned through 90 degrees and balanced on top of letters as an effective substitute for regular Umlauts. Amazingly,the Germans do not have a word for Umlaut, instead speaking of "those double dots we put over certain vowels to indicate a slight broadening of the sound". The seldom-appreciated, and even less remembered (except by its founding drunkards) English metal band, Overdose,went so far as to have an Umlaut on every vowel in their name,and their signature song was "I'm an all-out Umlaut Lager-lout (24 hours a day)".