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wtf??? This isn't accurate, Luton is a shithole, full of chavs and gangsters. If aliens came to earth Luton would be the place the dumped the human race to rot away.

Dont forget the gun crime. :)

Serious Discussion?[edit]

At least they have a good sense of humour in Luton, and afaik this is what Uncyclopedia is all about?! Anyway, I don't think that this is the right place

  • to insult anyone
  • to have a serious discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of English towns.

And yes, it is cool to study at a University which is in walking distance to an international Airport...

Luton residents (Loo-tonians) will often agree when you insult their homes as being bins. They cannot be in denial, once you travel to Luton your travelling will be 100% shit. No luxury and cheap, fakr jewellry being seized by chavs and hoodlems on street corners mugging the elderly and Lewsey Farm is the biggest shit hole of them all - coming from a Loo-tonian.

UnSerious Discussion[edit]

Ignoring personal opinion on how bad (or good) Luton is, and returning to the topic at hand (ie. Uncyclopedia) - there are some real gems in this article, but it means reading through the blatant racism and absolute guff; I might have a go at cleaning some of this up. I'm sure there's an Ester Ranzen (sp?) joke waiting to be made up too :) - lordnikon 15/09/09