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I wonder that Oscar Wilde has nothing to say on our beloved Hungarian language..

CORRECTION: I wonder WHY Oscar Wilde has nothing to say ABOUT our beloved Hungarian language. POSSIBLE EXPLANATION: He utterly despised your infinitely annoying misuse of English prepositions, reflexive pronouns,and definite articles, not to mention your trainwreck word order. So feel yourselves badly becuase the peoples who can learn correctly the English are every time laughing on you. 12:03, November 6, 2011 (UTC)

Okay, I'll just add a few things. 1: The article has funny points, but is hurtful/offending in others. It's so exaggerated, it's not funny anymore. 2: I won't say that every hungarian can speak english, but you try learning our language as good as we know english, then you can insult us. Not that even americans can write decently in their mother language.

After reading this, and considering coming down from a high-horse, you can delete my comment.