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Dear all, please change this page only to make it funnier; not because you are offended by it.

Dear americans: I've made fun of your country. It's just because it is a widespread comedy device to bash mr Bush. It doesn't matter how one feels about him; there is precedent, it's all over the net, and so the joke becomes more universal. I've used it because it was obvious in that context, and if you have a funnier example to put in there, by all means do so --- but remember that throwing in a reference to Luxemburg might make many people go "huh?" instead of "haha". Oh, and in my defense, I made fun of Brazil too, which is where I'm from.

Dear brazilians: I made fun of our country. Please only change it to make it funnier, not because if offends you. You should NOT be offended by some silly page on the net. Why is it all right to poke fun at americans, but not at ourselves? (I can hear shouts about USA foreign policy.) Even if you dislike some aspect of the USA, that isn't the appropriate reason to make fun of them. You should make fun because it's funny, nothing more.

--Pietro 23:58, 5 Sep 2005 (UTC)