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Learn to be Funny[edit]

Guys, stop bastardizing my creation with this unfunny "pie" crap. If you make a contribution that's honestly funny, I'm cool with that but it was bad enough when the dry-as-hell "Layman's Explanation" was added. Let's not dilute this crap any further than it is.

I have composed most of this article myself, but I allowed the "layman's explanation" along with "effects" and "creation" to stay just because I'm a nice guy. You guys want to know how to be funny? Take a hint from the guys who added the "Ed Gein and Muhammed Ali" or "Tom Cruise" facts near the bottom. Either that or take a look at any of my work. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go waft the scent of my own turds in self-righteousness. --Chef 23:37, 16 September 2006 (UTC)

I would just like to voice my concern over the inclusion of this( picture on this page,i agree that some complaints here are "narrow" ("Niggers offends blacks, Emo affects emos, Beaner offends Mexicans, Gay offends gays, etc. etc. etc...") but those are just words the picture shows real people realy dying, its inclusion on this site is a bit "disturbing" to me.(IMHO) But alas i am an underage male,so my opinion matters not. If anyone does not find anything better soon,i have some nice Bikini island (ie,nuclear explosion) pics on my home pc (Currently on vacation) And yes me=newb