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Real Comments Go Here[edit]

Flaming removed[edit]

I love uncyclopedia and all the fantastic laughs it gives me, but reading through this article didn't make me laugh, it just made me furious. Some idiot clearly went through this and blatantly flamed the Blender engine. If it put down the engine but was entertaining and funny I kept it, but if it simply openly flamed the program with no humor whatsoever, I removed it. I'm surprised it stayed here this long. I don't care what the hell you think is better, 3Ds Max or Blender, or what have you, but you keep this damn fanboy crap off this page. If you're that adamant about it go somewhere else where people will be happy to argue, don't put it here where we all want a good chuckle and all you do is spew fanboyism and abhorrent flaming. That's all.

From Fuzzy[edit]

Feel free to add on to the actual article. And don't forget, repetition is funny, so keep bringing up breast simulators. --FuzzMaster 02:41, 7 April 2007 (UTC)

From Otherwise Less Important People[edit]

Example: Fantastic article. Maybe you should add more about breasts?

Whiny Crap About The Article Having Too Much Stuff About Breasts Goes Here[edit]

Example: Article has too much about tits! I DON'T LIKE TITS!

Hold On[edit]

Do we mean "breast simulation" or "breast stimulation"? There's a difference!