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9/11 and Urban Planning[edit source]

As a planning student myself, I deplore the tragedy that was 9/11, but think the fact that one of the main hijackers was a planning student is rather funny. Shouldn't such people be working to build stuff, not destroy stuff? Rickyrab 14:07, 15 June 2007 (UTC)

you must have an exhaustive knowledge of electronics(a bachelors in engg. from PU) to qualify – Preceding unsigned comment added by Saneyog (talk • contribs)

Al Qaeda should get Snapvine[edit source]

I made a snapvine for my Ku Klux Klan Homepage and so far integrating it is a rounding success, and the snapvine could be used to leave messages for yourself, Kinda like voicemail. --NXWave 08:08, 30 October 2007 (UTC)

How to avoid US NAVY SEALS attack(essential survival skills)[edit source]

1. Become the president of USA either/or continuously follow his blog
2. Join NAVY SEALS either/or always sleep in NAVY SEALS uniform
3. Always keep a helicopter handy
4. Do not engage courier services
5. Do not burn waste papers in court-yard
6. Do not watch videos of yourself on television
7. Do not wear a skull cap
8. Build higher compound walls to keep all the balls out
9. Keep a stock of uniforms of all the commando forces of the world
10.Keep an extra pair of wives for self defence(human shields)
11.Sit under umbrella to avoid satellite detection