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We Sweat, So You Don't Have To
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Camxmas105.jpg Sweatshop shirt
Get that man some more water, because that shirt is hot! Buttons guaranteed not to drop off during first six months[1].
Motocyclist.jpg Grey Fleece, Jeans
Be bad. Bad to the bone. And look good whilst doing so in this manly fleece and stone-washed jeans combo. Crutches not included.

Fleece: £7.99UK
Jeans: £6.99UK
Chess.jpg Grey trousers
Relax, take your shoes off, play a board game in the street. You have the kind of freedom that you can only get from Sweatshop's expertly tailored grey trousers. 100% cotton.
Old man sitting.jpg Brown beanie hat
If your head is feeling cold and you want to keep it warm whilst staying "cool", then this hat is the way to go. Yeah! [2]
  1. Failure to live up to guarantee is not grounds for a refund. See Refunds.
  2. All models under 40 years of age, due to local life expectancies.