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“In soviet russia, shotput throws you!”

~ Joey Stalin on crack

“People like to throw things with their palms, thats why the shot put is so popular!”

~ Ted Sheckler on Shot puts

The shot put is a game (currently played in the Summer Olympic Games and in several cruel high schools) in which players attempt to mimic cannons firing by dressing up as soldiers and tossing (putting) cast iron balls (the shot).

Standards[edit | edit source]

  • The shots generally weigh anywhere from 5 lbs. (2.27 kg) to 16 lbs. (7.26 kg) in whole pound increments.
  • The shot diameter should be within 107-114mm inclusive.
  • The circle from which the shot is put should be 2.1m (7 ft.) in diameter. Outside of the circle are a series of concentric rings evenly spaced. A common spacing is 1m

Method of Putting[edit | edit source]

  1. Stand towards the rear of the circle holding the ball in your non-dominant hand somewhere between between your neck and shoulder. Resting the put on your shoulder is allowed but discouraged as you may injure your shoulder causing you to drop and damage the shot.
  2. There are three general techniques for putting the ball: the glide and the spin and the stand. In either case your arm must go straight out in a motion only slightly more natural than pitching a baseball.
    • The glide - Step sideways, like in a dance line, from the rear of the circle to the front and push out your arm to toss the shot. This works best if your arm with the shot is facing forwards.
    • The spin - While still holding the shot oh-so-dangerously close to your neck, spin around like a bored child or a discus competitor and throw the shot. Ideally throw it before you are dizzy so that you can still throw it forward. Experts recommend you completely spin around no more than 17 rotations.
    • The Stand - Stand at the end of the circle hold the shot in your hand by your chest. then turn and throw but dont hit the sand.
    • The Chip - Use a golf club to send the shot put onto the field at an upward angle. Not often used in competition.
    • The Smash - Have someone throw it at who and then you hit it as far as you can with a baseball bat, (beware, it might (will) break the bat).
  3. Due to permanent injuries decreasing participation in the sport, the shots are no longer thrown towards competitors, but are instead thrown for distance. A score is assigned based on the distance the shot travels. The formal distance is measured in a straight line from where the shot impacts the ground to the edge of the circle the shot was thrown from. Points may also be given for a really cool, large crater or for hitting small furry animals.
    • The Dance - Do The Can-Can at Night