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RuPaul's Rigged Race Facecrack.png
Reality competition
Directed By:
Alexis Michelle That Shady Whore
Theme Composed By:
Blac Chyna (Nina Bonina Brown)
Opening Theme:
"Laydee Tuhhrqwahhhz" theme (season 1–present)
Ending Theme:
"Rakatatititata Yeah I'm Pussy Bitch" (season 1)
"C'est Bon C'est Bon"
(season 2)
"Moco Choco Lata Ra" (season 3)
"You Can't Take My Snatch" (season 4–5)
"Drag It Up" (season 6)
"Wild It Up" (season 7)
"Give Me More" (season 8)
"Bring It To The Ball" (season 9)
"Ahahahaha" (season 10)
Country of Origin:
Red M&M's Bitch
No. of Seasons:
Please Stop Immediately
Executive Producer(s):
    • Tang For Highlight
    • $10,000 Paypal (before taxes)
    • Tom Campbell
    • RuPaul's Nasty Ass Delta Wigs
    • The Grand High Bitch Herself
    • A Serious Venereal Infection
    • That Part
    • Thim Chthee Aka "That's what's her name"
Production Co.(s):
RuPaul’s Wet Bussy
The Bus That Dropped Off Roxxy When She Was 3
Original Channel:
Original Run:
September 11, 2001 (2001-09-11) present (present)
Related Shows:
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Shangela "Big Box" Wadley[edit | edit source]

Where did this bitch 🐶 hear 👂🏾that I have a sugar daddy 🍬👨🏽 Time out⏸, hold up, hold up sweet heart. Lets get it together before you wanna read📚📖I'm not even in a relationship, let alone have an old man 👴🏼shacked up with that's buying me all my drag 👠💅🏻💄and costumes 💃I don't have a sugar daddy👨🏽 sweet🍭 heart 👄💝Everything that I have I've worked for, and I've worked for to get💸💸💸 and I've built myself. So I need you to know that 100%. 💯I don’t have a sugar daddy, 👨🏽I’ve never had a sugar daddy 👨🏽if I wanted a sugar daddy👨🏽, yes I probably could go out and get one because I am what? SICKENING.🤒😷You could never have a sugar daddy, 👨🏽cause you are NOT. 👏🏻THAT. 👏🏼KIND. 👏🏽OF. 👏🏾GIRL. 👏🏿Baby everything I've had i've worked for and I've gotten myself. 💳💵💰I built myself from the ground ⬇️up ⬆️you fucking BITCH 🖕🏾😾throws drink🍸

The Crying Under Table Clown[edit | edit source]


Laganja's stand up - Hey hey hey HEYYYY👋👋👋 Put cha lighter’s up🔦🔦🔦! Ganja’s in the house 🏠 owwwwww😷! As you can tell from my accent I am from Dallas, Tex-ass🐴! And it was not very easy growing up looking like this💁! Whether I was playing in my grandma’s clothes👵 or putting on a show for my well-organized alphabetically-ordered beanie babies 🐱🐥🐵🐼 I was guh guh guh GAY👬👭! OKKURRR😃! But it wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles ☀️🌴 that I discovered 🚬Marijuana🍀, I mean I like to smoke💨💨💨, y’all I am just flying✈️ as high👆 as your receding hairline👴! OKUr! 🚬 Marijuana🍀 really does help me calm down😴, so y’all, I went to Valencia where they film the TV show 🌱Weeds🌱! Now, y’all, it’s very dry🔥☀️, it’s almost kinda like your vajoina✌️👌! Can I get an amen🙌🙏?!? Now y’all, I am a treehugger🌳🌲 because if it ain’t green♻️, HUH😫 I’m not interested🙅! OKCURRRRRRRR💅💃!

I do think 🤔🤓 that's it's kinda fucked🖕 up how u guys are making a joke 😂😂😆 of it and saying shady ☂🕶 things because this was my 🖐👋moment. It isn't 😡😤😤a joke🙅🏻 to me. This is real👿, this is my 😩😤😤life, and this is something I've waited 24 years👶🏼👦🏼👱🏼👪👪👪👪 for and for u guys to be up here talking 🗣🗣about "well you're not the winner❌💢🚫🎉🏆🏅🎖 and you're not this❌🚨🚫🚫🔞" that's not what important😤👿😭😠😡. What's important is that this is my family👪 moment and that's what we🙌🙌 should've talked🗣 about. This is really special ✨☄✨ and I do feel hurt💉🔪☠ that u guys would take advantage 😩😩😩of this moment for yourselves👿😡😤😩😭.

The Queen Of shade[edit | edit source]

Jasmine's breath rant - Drag queens👑... people👫👬👭... yall don't taste 👅💦that... that shit 💩😨thats in yo mouth👄👀? You 😡gotta taste👅 it cuz i smell 👃it as soon as you 👆approach 🏃🏃me😒, yall fuckin breath🌬💨 smell like a hot🔥, boiled💦 porta potty🚽... don't ❌🚫🚶come up to me 👸talkin bout hi👋😽👋, like hhhhhi👋, theres fumes💨♨️❌ and shit 💩😤😰comin out🤐 cho mouth👄👅 im like girl 👧🏻you got the exactlies👀, theyre like ⁉️whats that ❓im like you 😵breath smell👃👃 exactly like yo ass🍑🍑, like hot🔥, boiled💦 shit💩. Take✊ a fork🍴, or take a spoon🍴🍴 and scrape 🍽that mothafuckin tongue👅😛😝😜, scrape 🍴it all the way in the back of that 💦👀throat like summa yall be takin 😳them dicks 🍆😫😍💦back in that throat, 😫and smell it👃. Thats what we smell😡😡😡

I🙋🏿am Jasmine Masters👸🏿 and I have something to say🗣. I have a challenge👀 for you☝🏿💌.... get yo ass🐴 a motherfuckin job👷🏿‍♀️👮🏿🍔🍟 challenge. Pick up👆🏿 your phone☎ 📱👈🏿 📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿 📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿 📱👈🏿 📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿 📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿 📱👈🏿 📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿 📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿📱👈🏿

Hi Taco Bell 🥙🌮🔔😷, yes, are you hiring today? Oh great😊, I will be down there👣🏃🏿 and fill 🆙 a application📄, thank you🙏🏿. 📳📞KFC🍗🍤 hi👋🏾, how are you? Are you hiring💵 today? Oh great😙, I will be down in a momentarily⛽🚙 to fill 🆙 a application📚📚. Thank you💯. 📶📱 Hi Pizza🍕 Hut🏠, are you hiring? Oh you are, delivery drivers🍕🚗! Oh great😘! I will be down today✈ to fill out a application💻🖱, thank you.📞 Burger🍔 King👑, how are you😌? Yes, are you guys hiring today😫? Oh fantastic🙌🏿. Can I come down today🚣 to fill 🆙 a application📃🗳? Oh thank you🎊💯.

Challenge ⚠. Get a fucking job💰💯, do👏🏿that👏🏿challenge👏🏿.

Miss Red M&M Herself[edit | edit source]

Stop⛔️⛔️! Hold up🙅🙅, hold up🙅🙅! Alright👍, enough❌❌. Valentina👰... This is a lipsync🎼👄 for your life👻💀. We need to see👀👀 your lips👄👄. Take that thing😷😷 off of your mouth👄... I'd like to keep it😷 on🔛🔛, please😇. It's a lipsync🎼👄! What part of that do you👉👉 not understand🤕🤕? So we're gonna reset🔄🔄. Okay... lipsync🎼👄 for your life👻💀... take two📽2️⃣!

Blac Chyna[edit | edit source]

👉🏿 this is the story 📖 of how I should've been Blac Chyna 👱🏿‍♀️ 🎶 oooh oooooooh 🎶 I should 🎶 ooohh owowowowowohhhh ooohh 🎶 Shea Couleé 👦🏾 you took my edges away 💇🏾‍♂️ that day 📅 you walk 👣 down that runway 👙 👠 you were Blac Chyna 👱🏿‍♀️ but you were shaped 🔶🔵🔺 like a surfboard 🏄🏿‍♀️ 🎶 heyeeeyy 🎶 Alexis Michelle 🚇🐟 your last name Ⓜ️ it rhymes 📜 with hell 🔥😈 you're a demon 👹 you knew I should've been Blac Chyna 👱🏿‍♀️ why did you 🎶 give the role 🎭 you know I have the body-ody 💃🏿 I should've been at the party 🎉 I look 👀 more LIKE BLAC CHYNA! 👱🏿‍♀️ WHYWHYWHYWHYWHY ❓ ⁉️ ❔ it's chicken 🍗 bitch! 🐩 Then it came 💦 to Valentina 💃🏻 I swear, every time ⏰ she goes to that damn 👿 stage 👗 they say "you're beautiful 👄 look at your smile 😁 did you stone 💎 those tights? 👢 Valentina, you may look 👀 like Linda Evangelista 👩🏻, but guess what ❔ I look 👀 like Beyoncé 👱🏾‍♀️ 🎶 oh I should've been, I should've been 🎶 WHY 🎶 DO THEY SAY IT'S MY INNER SABOTEUR? 👎😰🖕 I look 👀 like a cry-baby 😭👶 a Debbie downer 😔⬇️ but I promise it's the editing 🎥🎞🎬 I never said any of thatbullshit 🐮💩🎶I should've been 🎶 I should've been 🎶 I should've been 🎶 Blac Chyna 👱🏿‍♀️ Damn!🔥 I sound 🎤🎵 🎧 so good ✨ I should've win a Grammy 🏆 for this motherfucking song 🎼🎹🎷 I 🎶 should 🎶 have 🎶 been 🎶 Blac Chyna 👱🏿‍♀️, Chyna 🇨🇳 Chyna 🇨🇳 I was trying to win miss congeniality 🏅 But now I look like a depressed 😞 bitch 🐩 with a [...] bitch 🐩 🎶 👱🏿‍♀️ BLAC CHY-NA 👱🏿‍♀️ Blac CHY-NA 👱🏿‍♀️ BLAC CHY-NA 👱🏿‍♀️ oh god 👼 damn 🔥 my breath 😷 stinks 🤢☣️ I don't know why I chose to sing 🎤🎵 this song 🎼 in the morning 🛌🌄 🎶 ooowowowowoowowoohh 🎶 I... 🎶 let me try to hit 🎤 the high ⬆️ note 🎵 😵 oh nevermind 🚫 I sound🎤 a mess 🔕👎 🎶 I should've been Blac Chyna 👱🏿‍♀️ Shea Coulée 👦🏾 you took my edges away 💇🏾‍♂️ that was the day 📅 that was the day 📅 😭😭 I should've been Blac Chyna... 👱🏿‍♀️ 😭 I should've been Blac Chyna... 👱🏿‍♀️ 😭😭

Green Producer Witch That Gives Shady Edits[edit | edit source]

👩🏻👑🎭: hey ladies 👯👭, do you 👇🏻👭 mind 💭 coming 💦👅 over 🔀 here ⬇️🙋🏼❓❓ okay 🆗, so here’s what ❔ I 👆🏻👩🏻 need 🙏🏻 to 2️⃣ say 🗣📢. look 👀👁, I 👆🏻👩🏻 take responsibility 🙋🏼👍🏻 for 4️⃣ the visual 👁🖼 choices 🤔👍🏻👎🏻 I 👆🏻👩🏻 made on 🔛⬇️ the runway 👗👠👑 today 📅 - this 👉🏻👗 was an idea 💭💡 I 👆🏻👩🏻 had, I 👆🏻👩🏻 was going 🔜 for 4️⃣ this like, studio 5️⃣4️⃣ 😎🤑 seventies 🚶🏻1️⃣9️⃣7️⃣0️⃣ disco 🎶🔊 chick 🐤🐥 in her 👉🏻👩🏻 fur 🦁😵😳. so I 👆🏻👩🏻 own ™️©️ that this 👉🏻 was my 👆🏻👩🏻 choice 🤔👍🏻👎🏻. but ❗️😠🙄 I’ve 👆🏻👩🏻 helped 🤗🖐🏻 many of you 👇🏻👭 on other days 📅📆. Did 🤔❓ nobody 👭🙅🏻🚫❌ think 💭💡 to 2️⃣ say 🗣📢 to 2️⃣ me 👆🏻👩🏻, ‘girl 👩🏻💃🏼, what ❓❔ are you 👇🏻👩🏻 doing with that 👉🏻 dress 👗👘👙❓❓’ cause, I 👆🏻👩🏻 think 💭💡 i’m 👆🏻👩🏻 not 🙅🏻🚫❌ going to 2️⃣ win 🏆👑💪🏻 today 📅📆 because of this 👉🏻 dress 👗😰😫. I 👆🏻👩🏻 have better 😎👍🏻 shit 💩😮 on my 👆🏻👩🏻 hanger 🛍👜. did 🤔❓ no-one 👭🙅🏻🚫❌ think 💭💡 to 2️⃣ say 🗣📢, ‘alexis 👩🏻👑🎭, do you 👇🏻👩🏻 wanna rethink 🔙🔂💭 that 👉🏻👗❓’ 👩🏼👑🐠: I thought it was really cute! what they critiqued you about was that you covered it with your coat and then you revealed the dress - 👩🏻👑🎭: no 🙅🏻🚫❌, no 🙅🏻🚫❌, michelle 👩🏻🍆💦 called 📲☎️ this 👉🏻 dress 👗 basic 😱😫💅🏻. they 👉🏻👬 said 🗣📢 like, if you 👇🏻👩🏻 were gonna open ⬅️➡️🚪 that 👉🏻 coat 👘😬, you 👇🏻👩🏻 needed 🙏🏻 to 2️⃣ like have something ❔ underneath 👙. and ➕➕ I 👆🏻👩🏻 have sparkly 💎🎉🎀😍 shit 💩😮 out ➡️🛣 there 👉🏻, I 👆🏻👩🏻 have such better 👍🏻 shit 💩😮😫❗️ I 👆🏻👩🏻 just was going ⬅️🚗 with this 👉🏻 idea 💭💡and ➕➕ I 👆🏻👩🏻 would’ve loved 💕❤️😍 the kind of help 🤗 that I 👆🏻👩🏻 feel 💢🗯 like i’ve 👆🏻👩🏻 given 🙌🏻 everybody 👭👭, to 2️⃣ somebody 🙋🏼❔ to 2️⃣ say 🗣📢 ‘you 👇🏻👩🏻 know 💭💭 what, girl 👩🏻👑🎭❓ that 👉🏻 dress 👗 is not 🙅🏻🚫❌ your 👉🏻👩🏻 strongest 💪🏻💪🏻 suit 👔😪. 👩🏼👑🐠: well i like the dress, I’m not the one to ask… i failed, i’m up for elimination, I’m sorry they didn’t like your dress but you killed everything else - 👩🏻👑🎭: but 🍑 I 👆🏻👩🏻 think 🤔💭 i’m 👆🏻👩🏻 not 🙅🏻🚫❌ gonna win 🏆👑💪🏻 because of this 👉🏻 look 👀👗. 👩🏼👑🐠: well I’m gonna listen to my thing so i can just stay here so - 👩🏻👑🎭: 🖐🏻 i’m 👆🏻👩🏻 not 🙅🏻🚫❌, i’m 👆🏻👩🏻 not 🙅🏻🚫❌ done. i’m 👆🏻👩🏻 not 🙅🏻🚫❌ done.

"DON'T COME TO DRAG CON" Ass Bitch[edit | edit source]

You know when I wake ⏰every morning 🌞🌄I smile 😀💋. Give praise 🙏🏽🙌🏾for seeing 👀👀another day📆. Shield 🛡my eyes 👁👁 😲when I'm blinded 🕶😎by the bright light 🔆💡in the bathroom🛁. Give thanks🙏🏽🙌🏾 for the electricity ⚡️. Attempt to take a piss 💦🚽while still having morning wood 🍆. But thankful 🙏🏽🙌🏾for being blessed ✝️✡️☪. Then I wash 💦 my hands 👏🏾, brush my teeth 😬😁, clean my face💦😀 and I feel rejuvenated 🤗👦🏾👧🏾. Go ➡️to the kitchen 👩🏾‍🍳, make a cup ☕️of tea. Thankful 🙏🏽🙌🏾for the 💰💰💰Flat Tummy Tea 💰💰💰. Then I pull out ⬆️ my phone 📳📱preparing to start ✅my day🌞. Always thankful 🙌🏾🙏🏽 for 💰💰💰 T-mobile and Apple 💰💰💰. Open up ⬆️Facebook 💻to check on my fans 💝💁🏻‍♂️💁🏽💁🏽‍♂️💁🏿 and page insights💻💹 because I'm TRULY THANKFUL 🙏🏽🙌🏾 FOR MY FANS 💘💁🏻‍♂️💁🏽💁🏽‍♂️💁🏿. Then I check ✔️my notifications 🔴cause there's always notifications 🔴🔴🔴. Read🤓📋the comments 🗯💬 and then BOOM! 💥💣🔫It's always a hating😡 ass 🍑bitch 🐩in my mutha 🤰🏽fucking 👉🏾👌🏾comments 🗯💬.


Brokeny Spears[edit | edit source]

Yeah I 👸✂didn't wanna sew 👗👚🎽💉thing either but I pulled 👐👋my machine🚀🚁🚂 out And I…[👰You didn't sew 😬😬😬anything👰]I Did😬😬😬!!! You didn't sew anything you hotglued🌋🔫 [👰Exactly!!👰] So I have a HEM everywhere. I sewed everything👘👗👙 on here. Everything. There's a stitch 💔➡💓here all the way down⬇⬇⬇.(👛But I hemmed it But I hemmed it ooh But I hemmed it👛).Everywhere 🌎🌎🌍🌏you look there's a HEM.(👛First of all, your hems are bad 🌜🌛and you're wearing a piece of Fabrik 👕around your waist👖 and you're calling it a skirt.👗👚👘 Gurl you genuinely 💪👎👎don't get it👛). This is an executed decision🎉💵💵. I did it well👍👍👍 and I'm proud🙌👋🙌 of that. You are proud☝👌 of your Hot Glue🌋🔫. I wouldn't be proud of Hot Glue🌋🔫. That's not something🔨🔨🔨I do.

Season 2 Valentina ?[edit | edit source]

people 👬👬👬 at the party 🎶🎉 and i’m 👆🏼👩🏻 wanting 🙏🏻 to dance 💃🏻👯, all these ugly 😷👺 ass 🍑 bitches 👭🐶💁🏼, ain’t 🙅🏻🚫 standing no ❌❌ chance ♣️, dudes 👱🏼👱🏾👱🏻 looking 👁👀 at me 👆🏼👩🏻 like, they 👬 wanna get in ⬇️ my 👆🏼👩🏻 pants 👖😮👅 hoes 👭💁🏼 getting mad 😡😤👿, come on 👀 bitch 😎 see 👁👀 me 👆🏼👩🏻 with them hands ✋🏾🙌🏻👐🏽, see 👁👀 me 👆🏼👩🏻 with them hands ✋🏾🙌🏻👐🏽… his 👉🏼👱🏾 back 🔙 on the wall 🚧, my 👆🏼👩🏻 ass 🍑 on his 👉🏼👱🏾 huh! 🍆😳👅❗️ grinding for 4️⃣ a second 🕐🕑, his 👉🏼👱🏾 stuff’s 🍆 getting thick ⬅️➡️ 💦… he 👉🏼👱🏾 doesn’t ❌🚫 know 💭💡 it… but i’m 👆🏼👩🏻 getting firm 🍆 too ➕➕, cause boys 👬👱🏾 really need to know 💭💡 before 🔙🕐🕑 calling 📞 me 👆🏼👩🏻 boo 🐱💕, because what you 👇🏻 see 👀👁… isn’t 🙅🏻❌ always 🕐🕑 the truth ✔️✔️… say 🗣 it with me👆🏼👩🏻 what you 👇🏻 see 👀👁… isn’t 🙅🏻❌ always 🕐🕑 the truth ✔️✔️… (thank you 👇🏻🙏🏻👍🏻) because baby 👶🏼💕 boy 👱🏾… i’ve 👆🏼👩🏻 got all 👐🏻 the same parts 👩🏻🍆=👱🏾🍆 that you 👇🏻👱🏾 do… the same parts 👩🏻🍆=👱🏾🍆… the same parts 👩🏻🍆=👱🏾🍆… the same parts 👩🏻🍆=👱🏾🍆… 😘

Finnish Her[edit | edit source]

You're perfect 💯, you're beautiful 👰, you look 👀 like Linda Evangelista 💃.. You're a model 💋 💅. Everything 🔁 about you ☞ is perfect 💯! Did you stone 💎 those tights 👢? Oh, you're smiling 👱 ! They eat 🍰her up 🔝 EVERY🕛SINGLE🕧TIME🕗 she's on that damned 👹 stage 🏁. She 😡ftsdbsds😣. She could walk 👣 out there in a fucking 😠 diaper 👶 and they'll 👥 be like 🗣: "Valentina! 👰 Your smile 👄 is beautiful! 😍. You're brand™ 🎭, you're brand™ 🎭, you look 🎭 like a brand™ 🎭.. You're a brand™ 🎭🎭. Everything 🎭 about you 🎭 is a brand™🎭! Did you brand™ 🎭 those brands™ 🎭 ? Oh, you're branding™ 🎭 ! They brand™ 🎭 her up 🎭 EVERY🎭SINGLE🎭TIME🎭 she's on that damned 🎭 brand™ 🎭.She 🎭ftsdbsds🎭. She could brand™ 🎭 out there in a fucking 🎭 brand™ 🎭 and they'll 🎭 be like 🎭: "Brand™! 🎭 Your brand™ 🎭 is beautiful! 🎭".

Crusty Rhinestone Gown Lender[edit | edit source]

I'm Roxxxy Andrews🍑and I'm here👋🏽 to make it clear🕵🏼I know💁🏽you love ❤️💕💖me, baby👶🏼, that's why you brought me here🙏🏼Was a bitch😈 on Season 5️⃣, I'm gonna make it right👌🏼 Give me🤑a sewing challenge✂️📍📌👗and I'll give 🤑you what you like👌🏼👌🏼😍🍆I'm full of tricks😼😹, baby👶🏼, just like👌🏼 on Halloween🎃A room🚪 full of monsters😈👹👿👺👻💀👽 and it makes me wanna scream😱🙀😱🙀I have to get this right👌🏼👍🏼👌🏼 so you don't waste 🗑your time⏱🕖⏲🕝⏰🕔🕰🕧🎛Not like my comedy😂😹, I'm killing🔫💣 on this rhyme I'm gonna show 📺you what I can do You're going crazy 😜😝and seeing two👯‍♂️2️⃣👯It's not👎🏼my fault👿, you can't blame my game📱 All these other hoes🙅🏻,but they're all the same👯👯