Roald Dahl’s creative and disturbing mind

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Roald Dahl is a well-known novelist that lived for 74 years. He is best known for expressing his interesting ideas on paper. His best works of literature include James and the Terrorist Described as a Peach, Danny the Killer of the World, Matilda the Telekinetic Mastermind, and many others. His life was cut short by Myelodysplastic Syndrome.

Early life[edit]

He was rubbish at English. His grades were a disgrace to mankind. This may be because he was a twit and did many pranks and tricks. This comparatively good side of him is refected in one of his books The Twits.

Early life grades[edit]

His grades were stupidly bad.

Early life grades, but really[edit]

His grades were really stupidly bad.


As he became older Dahl developed a rare form of blood cancer. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, his condition got worse day by day and it soon became clear that he was going to pass away very soon. He was often slipping in and out of consciousness but there was a time he was wide awake with his daughter. Laying next to him he said,

“I'm not afraid you know, it's just that I'm going to miss you all so much”

After saying those heart-touching words he then closed his eyes and became unresponsive. The nurse loaded up morphine into an injection to inject, so that he may pass away with ease. But as soon as the nurse pricked him with the needle Roald jumped and to everyone's surprise screamed,

“Ow, f*ck!”[edit]

Minutes later he passed away.


As soon as people were sure of his death, they buried him with things he loved, like chocolate and HB pencils. All of the people that knew him were crowded around him, serious expressions on their faces, like this:

Some people had crocodile tears on their faces, others had tears of laughter. It was a very solemn and serious moment.


His grades were really bad.