Ramsbottom, England

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A sculpture created for Ramsbottom by the noted artist Gaylord Mincie: "Metaphorical Orifice III"

Ramsbottom is a town in Northern England, United Kingdom. It is one of many amusingly named small towns in a country world-renowned for its eccentric behaviour and rain. The town's traditional name, "Slammanarse", was changed due to the worsening creation of jokes. This backfired when the district of "Upper Ramsbottom" was created.

It's major commerce consists of hospital fees, mostly from the kids from Notting Gayatal coming into town and punishing the poor kids of Ramsbottom.

True Testimonials[edit | edit source]

~ Jim, the Merry Old Gay Englishman
~ Sam The Balding Blissful Idiot.

Still, many chafe at the incessant jokes about their town's name. A fey city fellow in a pub might get started: "What's the last thing through Ramsgate? Ramsbottom!" The locals grumble, with a dangerous glint in their drunken, heavily made-up eyes. "What was Oscar Wilde's favourite sport? Ramsbottom!"

The London chappie is usually discovered in a drainage ditch five days later with a badger stuffed down his lungs.

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