Put Out or Get Out

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No. Please. Just no.

Put Out Or Get Out is an appalling Channel 4 game show hosted by Noel Edmonds. The game, in which Noel Edmonds' rather unappealing penis gets some action at last, starts with 22 apparently-identical sealed boxes, each within a different pair of panties. The boxes are all loaded and sealed by an independent Catholic school teacher. No one but the teacher knows what is in the boxes.

Game play[edit]

The game commences when the contestant chooses the first five boxes to try to open. The contestant picks one box which potentially contains the prize. They then spend the duration of the show attempting to get into the other boxes, one by one, revealing what they contained. The contestant must eventually decide whether they accept the box concealed within their chosen panties, or accept an offer from The Wanker. Could their box change their life, or just require a course of antibiotics?

When a box is chosen to be opened, it is then out of play. The aim of the game is to try and pick the box whose family has the right amount of money, adding hope that the contestant’s box has a high amount of money and in turn provoking The Wanker to offer the contestant a better deal.

The Wanker is always watching the player, trying to analyse their psychology, and has has no idea what the contestant's chosen box contains. The Wanker's sole purpose is to try and ensure the player leaves the studio with the smallest amount of joy possible.

Based on the boxes the player has eliminated and their perception of the player themselves, The Wanker makes a sleazy offer to get the sealed box. Whenever The Wanker makes an offer, the player is left with a desperate dilemma ... accept the deal, or risk losing everything.


The programme is presented by Noel Edmonds, who has been one of Britain's sleaziest TV and Radio presenters for more than 30 years. "I've always maintained that it would take something very special to tempt me back to TV after five years," he says. "And this format is undoubtedly unique. Put Out or Get Out is simple, honest and totally compelling and I am privileged to have the opportunity to host such a corrupting show."