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Oh, no!

Person who played Polybius

Totally real Polybius logo.

Polybius is a game released in 1981 by a company whose name translates to "sensory deprivation." The fact that a real ROM of the game has never been found causes more people to try and find the real, original game. However, something that many people do not know is that the game was actually *puts on tin foil hat* extremely poorly made. Not only that, but the game was capable of taking over the mind of anyone who played it. The person who designed the cabinet either had no artistic talent, or fell asleep on the job, since the entire cabinet is blank except for the logo.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

The game was so insanely horrible, every copy of the game was recalled and most likely destroyed. In fact, IGN rated it the 27th worst game system ever made. The game became a legend, and people everywhere began trying to look for it. However, nobody could because the game is fake, and even if it was real, it would probably be the worst game ever amazing, because come on, it's Polybius: the best game ever made!

Wait, I don't remember typing that.

Oh no.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The gameplay is the hardest part to describe. Not because it's complicated, and not because nobody knows what it is. It's because it sucks. I had the misfortune of playing this game when it was new, and I HATED it. LOVED it. It was just so awesome, so well designed, the graphics were extremely advanced, the music was amazing. I just love it so much.

Where is all this text praising the game coming from?!? I don't remember typing any of this.


The game is horrible THE BEST THING EVER MADE[edit | edit source]

I'm serious, I have no idea who is typing this. Maybe the game is still haunting me. 334121554.help nooothis GAME IS HORRIBLEAWESOME *puts tin foil hat back on*

In conclusion, I would rate Polybius 3 Polybiuses out of 10. It's... okay.