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Wikipedia has developed a body of policies, guidelines and decrees. So many that we have had to create a second page to contain the further embellishments on these rules. These rules and laws are merely in place to make Wikipedia a better place for all, and not for any other reason.

Policies, guidelines and decrees express standards that have King consensus, though to differing degrees: policies are considered a standard that all users should follow, whereas guidelines are more advisory in nature. Decrees, however, should be followed otherwise you could be hanged until infinibanned. All three need to be approached with common sense and Wikipedia at heart. A user who acts against the spirit of them will be hanged or placed in 42 day detention without trial, even if technically no rule has been violated. Those who edit in good faith, are civil, seek consensus, and work towards the goal of creating a great encyclopedia should find a welcoming environment.

This policy page focuses mainly on enforcing policies.


A list of key policies and guidelines can be found here.

Appealing a block
Rules for having a block lifted. A block may only be lifted if the person who handed down the punishment has subsequently mysteriously disappeared.
Arbitration policy
Rules for how the Arbitration Committee decides Requests for arbitration.
Banning policy
Extremely disruptive users may be banned from Wikipedia. Please respect these bans, don't bait banned users and don't help them out. Bans can be appealed to King Jimbo Wales I or the Arbitration Committee, depending on the nature of the ban, if the person who handed down the punishment subsequently mysteriously disappeared.
Blocking policy
Disruptive users can be blocked from editing for short or long amounts of time.
Most editing decisions are made by a continually evolving rough consensus among editors.
Mediation policy
Rules for how the Mediation Committee conducts formal mediation.
No open proxies
Open proxies may be blocked from editing for any period at any time to deal with editing abuse.
Protection policy
Pages can be protected against vandals or during fierce content disputes. Protected pages can, but in general shouldn't, be edited by administrators. Also, pages undergoing frequent vandalism can be semi-protected to block edits by very new or unregistered users.
Resolving disputes
The first step to resolving any dispute is to talk to those who disagree with you. If that fails, there are more structured forms of discussion available.