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Here are some useful Norwich words and phrases:

Aaar - 60 minutes

At maade me chuggle thaat did - That was funny

Ah u gorn near thuh Puust Arrfuss? - Are you going near the Post Office?

Aircal - Insignificant market town half-way between Naaridge and Gt.Yaarmuuth on the A47

Angla Sware - (Anglia Square) A masterpiece of 1960's urban architecture of unparalleled hideousness located just 'nuuth of the Maglen Street fly-ovah'. This unbelievably bleak edifice of concrete and rusting steel narrowly missed out on the prize for 'best urban regeneration project' by 137 places. One day in the future it will fall down but unfortunately many of us will not be around to witness that happy event!

Ar yer orrite, booy - Good Morning

Ar yer orrite, booy - Good Afternoon

Ar yer orrite, booy - Good Evening

Ass a rum ol' jarb un't it booy? - It's a strange situation

Ass roight hent ut? - 'I believe that to be correct.' A statement posed as a question; a conversational technique employed over wide ranging areas of Eest Angular sic

Assa bit black ova Will's medder, hent et? - Take a look at those threatening black clouds. I think it might rain.

Assa jook - I’m just kidding

Awld Yares Noight - New Year's Eve

B an Coo - Hardware store, see also Hum Base

Bare - Sold by the pint in Shee-car-goo’s (and other licensed establishments)

Bisha Barnabee - A Ladybird

Blar - Cry

Blast Bor, yowl git a ding-a-tha-lug - I’m going to hit you now

Boats - National chemist chain (Boots) - see also Fowtahs

Bonds - the John Lewis department store - see Curls

Boost - To brag about one's achievements

Boots - Vessels used on river and sea e.g. at Loose-tarfed (Not to be confused with 'Boots the Chemists')

Booy - boy/man

Bulcunee - A bit that jut outer upstairs so yer can goo outside.

Buth arnhem - Both of them

Carbit? - "Can I have a piece of that please?"

Card - Traditionally eaten with chips, might well have been caught off Loose-tarfed

Carfey - Hot beverage

Carra Rud - a place where Naaridge people go to watch their football team beat Ipswich. Another place like this is Portman Road where Suffolk people go to watch their football team being beaten by Narridge Ci'ee.

Chairs - term used when raising a glass of beer, wine etc. in the company of friends

Chimley - chimney

Chow - Goodbye - (Rhymes with 'low')

Ci'ee - as in Naaridge ci'ee - a place for shopping

Con-cue-lata - Item recently employed in place of an abacus - Once seen used in a Norwich shop to calculate the change to be given from £1 for a 99 pence purchase - honestly!

Cooin - queueing

Cook - Fizzy beverage originating from the Yew nigh ed staretes of Uhmericar

Compoota - computer (used only in the subjunctive sense -- i.e. "if oy ad a compoota" -- since this technology has yet to be introduced to Norfolk). (See also - 'Pootah')

Cossey Costessey (Which is actually pronounced, well um, Cossey)

Cruummer - Nuuth Narfak seaside town of Cromer

Cumbine aarvista - an agricultural vehicle

Cuntry -- Country; countryside

Curls - a department store in Naaridge ci'ee long since renamed Debnums (but news travels slowly in Naaridge!)

Dare-um - (East) Dereham

Dawg – dog

Dew u lissen hair - Now you listen to me

Dikalus - Not quite right

Dicky pron. Dicka - a donkey - See 'Ha'yer.....' below

Dodman - Snail

Doo whaat? - I beg your pardon.

Doo yah want sum chaaaklet? - Would you like some Chocolate?

DURRR (Often accompanied by boggling eyes and deformed mouth shapes) - Isn't the aforementioned obvious?

Dunt - Doesn't

Eletra-con-cuted - When one receives 230v from a power socket

Ee's a rummun hint e? - He is a strange fellow, is he not? (also Ees a roight rong un)

Fare ta middlin - I’m doing quite well actually

Fillum- Norwich/Norfolk people used to watch these at a cinema. Latterly they are inclined to frequent a 'vidya' shop and sit at home with a 'tek'way'

Fowtahs - Get these developed at Boots (the chemist! - not Loose-tarfed vessels) See 'Boats'

Fool - Petrol or Diesel - Not to be confused with 'fule' a slight silly person

Fooze - Electrical component on sale at Hum Base and B an Coo

Furriners - People who come from anywhere South of Thetford or West of Dare-um

Fuun - telephone

Gatoo - Sticky chocolate cake

Getoninoutonit - Do come in, its beginning to rain

Goo yew stedda booy - Please drive with care

Gretole - rather large

Goo tah hek bor - How surprising my man

Gunna - going to

Hah ya far gorra dicka, booy? - Does your father own a donkey?

Hah ya gittin arn tagether? - Hello

Hah ya gorra bead on?- Are you sweating?

Hah ya got a loight, bor? - Could you please lend me some sort of cigarette ignition device, kind sir?

Hairo - Hero

Hairset - Hethersett - A small town Suuth uh Naaridge

Haresay - Hearsay

Harnser - a heron

Haysbra - Happisburgh - Strangely, the correct pronunciation is...'Haysbra'

Heesay – He said

Hent - Haven't / hasn't

Heyya? - Have you really?

Hoo-har - a fuss or commotion

Hoom - the place where you live. Occasionally also pronounced as Hum.

Hooma - Comedy

Hoomid - As in "Thas hoomid taday" - A meteorological phenomenon more usually known as high humidity

Hoss – horse

How ya doin' booy? - How are you?

How yer gettin arn booy? - Norfolk greeting

Hum Base - DIY store, See: B an Coo

Hunstan - Hunstanton – Nuuth-warest Narfak coostal village

Husband/Wife - Normally a cousin

I/yoo/ee/shee gooo - I/you/he/she goes to (or 'went to')

I/yoo/ee/shee see - I/you/he/she saw (N.B. In 1943, teaching of the past tense was abolished in all Norfolk schools.)

In it? - Is it not?

Iss at roight? - Is that so! (Comment to show that attention is being paid to the speaker)

Jargon - Like running, but at a more leisurely pace

Khaazi - Suburb on the western edge of Naaridge. Though spelt Costessey, the correct pronunciation is...'Khaazi'

Kanelp? - Another 'high-speed' contraction of speech - 'May I be of assistance?', derived from "Can I help?"

Koo - Any of the bovine-family of animals (Not to be confused with 'coo' - a line of people 'cooin')

KooDee - Discount shop at the top of St.Stephens Street and in Angla Sware

Loight arse - Lighthouse

Loose tarfed - East coast fishing port and most easterly point of the Yoo-Kay

Lully ole jarb - Lovely old job = Excellent

Mardle - General chit-chat, much favoured by older members of the community, about 'suffin' qv. and 'nuffin' qv.

Mawkin - something that stands in a field to scare birds.

Mawther - girl/woman

(Thas a roight) Mucking fuddle - It is a complete mess

Munnah - Coins of the Realm

Muutah - automobile

Naarfak dumplin - A vaguely nasty, sinking, dumpling/a person from outside the city wall with questionable parentage and too many fingers

Naarth Warshum - North Walsham

Naaridge Yoonyun - Sometime major Naarfak, but now northern India, employer

Neet-said - the village of Neatishead 'nuuth ah Naaridge'

NFN - Narmal fu Naaridge/Narfuk

Noo idare - no idea/ don't know

Nuffin - Nothing - Generally employed along with 'Suffin' as in 'Suffin an' Nuffin' suggesting that other wonderful Norwich phrase 'A luud of ol' tosh'

Nuuth - one of the points of the compass

Oi gaat rongg - I'm in trouble/I was told-off

Oi hatta larf - It was extremely funny

Oim goo un up tha ci'ee ta doo a bih a shaarpen - I am heading into Naarridge for a bit of retail therapy

Oim jus gorn oop the ruud - I am just going up the road

On - Of (as in "I loike tha look a that cairke, can I haf a piece on ut?")

Oodiun, Angla Sware - Where the people of Norwich used to watch "fillums"

Oover air / oover ere - 'I'm over here'

Pootah - Computer.

Roight - Right (As in: Correct)

Sartanoon - referring to the period of time between mid-day and evening

Scoowiff - Not straight

Sharpen - Purchasing things, often from KooDee

Sheranum - Seaside town (Sheringham) a few miles to the west of Cruummer

Shee-car-goos - Nightspot on Prince of Wales Road, Norwich

Shink - Should think

Shoont - Shouldn't

Sproight - Fizzy lemon drink

Sprusten - Sprowston

Stare-shun - Where trains arrive and depart as in 'Thorpe station'

Stoop ud - Term applied to very silly people

Suffin - Something - Generally employed along with 'Nuffin' as in 'Suffin an' Nuffin' suggesting that other wonderful Norwich phrase 'A luud of ol' tosh'

Swaaafum - Swaffham

Thaangkyer - Spoken at high speed, used by Norfolk shop assistants when accepting money

Thas a bit on the huh - That's a bit wonky/uneven

Thas a rummun - Not quite up to scratch

Tha amooze me tha did - It made me laugh

The P.O.W. - The 'Chav' abbreviation for Prince of Wales 'Ruud' or otherwise that area of Naaridge that the loocal constabury (Constabulary) frequent on Froyday an' Sat'day noights.

The social - Despite many name-changes and iterations (as with Curls q.v.) 'Jobcentre Plus' is still known as 'the social' in Naaridge

Traaacta - a farming vehicle and vehicle of high prestige within the 'Ci'ee Wulls'

Tripe writer - type-writer....occasionally replaced by a ZX81 or Spectrum pootah (Or for the really well-off by an Amstrad PCW).

Troos - Suburb on the South-side of Naaridge and where Naaridge Ci'ee once refined their footballing skills.

U dunt hatter do ut! - You haven't got to do it.

Uh day - to day

Varmunt - A naughty person, generally young. e.g. 'Gerron outta hair you young varmunt'

Waarnt u a bed? - Is it not past your bedtime?

Wah e say – What did he say?

Well i coatasee – Goodness me

Where u gorn? - Where are you going?

Windum - Small town south of Naaridge (Sensible abbreviation of it’s proper name : Why-mond-ham (as spoken by furriners)

Woont - Wouldn't

Wossamaa'er/Wossrong/Wossup Is there a problem?

Wotchamacaulut/Hooge-a-maflip – Thingumajig

Wot choo mardlin' on 'bout? - What are you talking about?

Wot choo up ter uh day - What are you doing today?

Wotcha! – Hello!

Yow siller owld fule - Comment made to someone displaying “backward” tendencies

Yuull git rongg! - You will get into trouble/told-off!