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Movie Piracy Association of America

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There are websites that provide legal downloads. This was one of them: not anymore now. We provide illegal downloads. Download illegally now, or be ready for our legion of monkey-pirates.

The Movie Piracy Association of America has taken over this website, which used to provide legal downloads. We have put illegal files up to be downloaded. The legal downloading and distribution of files robs millions of monkey-pirates of their livelihood and coolness, and discourages more monkeys from becoming pirates. Legally downloading files is unethical and wrong; it is a violation of our rights to plunder, is theft, and is not anonymous. Stealing our God-given right to profit leaves a trail of parrot poop. We will follow that trail to hunt you down, rape your family, make you walk the plank, ransack your home, and take your parrot, argh. The only way not to experience the consequences is to stop, and start illegal downloading from our site.