Minimalist Art

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Art Vandelez's most famous piece of minimalist art, The angst of our discontent (1995). Note: DO NOT COPY THIS WORK! IT HAS BEEN PUT HERE BY PERMISSION AND IS COPYRIGHTED.

Minimalist Art, an artistic style which has been described as

an extreme development of post-post-post-modernism, an ultra modern hip contemporary tour-de-force which subtly buries the inner compassions of our most nihilistic tendencies, and distorts, bends, extends our understandings of the passionate revokation of feelings of guilt with abstract expressionist qualities of late early 20th century manifestations of vogue pre-post-pluralinclusionism.

The chief developer of the style was New York artist, Art Vandelez (1935-1997). His most well known work is The Angst of our discontent (although better known to the public somewhat simply and disparagingly as white square), the work took 10 years of the artists life to complete. It is composed of 1096 panels of 12" x 12" board, masonite, plaster, wood and ceramic tiles, which have been painted, drawn on with an array of different colours in a range from Titanium White to Lead White, and everything in between. Some areas have been done in an astounding 800 coats of paint. The piece magnificently and beautifully when put together has the appearance of being one joined form, a totally whole shape, with all the parts undistinguishable to the naked eye. The work was auctioned at Sotheby's in 2003, and sold for $84 million, though critics have claimed the price is much lower than its actual value.