Institutionalized (song)

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This is extreme torture! Please, this is worse than any pain i have ever been through! AAHHHH! Please, I am serious! TURN IT OFF!
The mans face while being tortured with listening to the song, he later was so horrified that he gave himself the death penalty

Institutionalized is a song by the band Suicidal Tendencies. (It is fantastic, No matter what any douchebag writes about it. Ignore the rest of this post, it is all some guy getting butthurt over the fact that he is 40 and living at home, So he has nothing better to do than make stupid wiki pages and make fun of others music....well FUCK YOU!!!) It was made after the lead singer was institutionalized after doctors thought he was insane for making and even thinking of making such horrible and brain-wrecking music. The lead singer thought it was too embarrassing to make another song about his horrible life, fatness, and heroin/cocaine/crack/LSD/PCP/meth/pot/psychedelic mushrooms/more drugs/alcohol/tobacco/cookie addiction, so he just wrote it about himself as a teenager. It is a song that gives others suicidal thoughts because the song is so horrible, that listeners think of putting themselves out of their own misery after listening to the song.

Song structure[edit]

No one really is singing in the song, the "singer" is talking in a song like way, and they don't stop talking, which makes the sentences run in to each other. Sometimes when they are playing live, the singer stops talking and almost kills himself from not being able to breath, or the singer sometimes doesn't stop talking and has to be pulled off the stage.


Here is an example of the lyrics:


Only professionals can decipher the lyrics without finding real lyrics, and they barely even succeed in it. The closest someone has gotten to deciphering the song was only three words of the song and then random yelling and gibberish. Here is an example of what the professional deciphered:


The lyrics were wrote while he was having another nervous breakdown.

A poor member of the cult

"IWANTTOGETRANOVERBYABUS" cult controversy[edit]

On June 23, 2009, 120 kids who were fans of Suicidal Tendencies killed themselves due to listening to their music. They loved their music, its just pretty much every word on every song they listened to pretty much told them to kill themselves.

Use as a torture mechanism[edit]

The song has actually been used as a torture mechanism to get criminals and terrorists to talk. Though the song is under some controversy because they think it is too extreme and harsh. It has been proven that it is a worse punishment than the death penalty. There was even one case where cops put on the music, and the suspect was so horrified that he stole the lethal injection needle from the cop and jerked it into his heart.

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