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“No lollygagging”

Hold Guard

Sometimes, you just don't know what to do, you commit PICKPOCKETING, you play on your crappy phone, you play on your Xbox, you just need to do something boring, and we got the perfect example JUST FOR YOU! We present to you (the dummy):


You will need[edit]

  • You (Don't be dumb, you need YOU)
  • At least 1 person, make sure they get annoyed easy
  • Crack
  • A Greatsword

Step 1[edit]

When walking in a group, be slow, the people up ahead will start to get peeASSSEEEEDD!, they'll start saying "No lollygagging", "Hurry the fuck up, before I dump semen on you" and "Slow bitch, HURRY TEH FOOK UP!!!"

Step 2[edit]

Don't listen to them, fap until you cum instead, also you can smoke the crack you have.

Step 3[edit]

When the people ahead of you turn around to see you, they will be disgusted because you're fapping, smoking crack and lollygagging.

WARNING! Expect the people in front of you to beat your shit, fap for you and possibly kill you, you have been warned

Step 4[edit]

Fight them back like a man, blow your crack in their faces, when you orgasm from fapping, blast your jizz in their eyes, then plow them down with your Greatsword

Step 5 (Optional)[edit]

Laugh at those silly pricks, when they get up, they will scream and cry like a LITTLE GIRL!