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Mars, as you may or may not know, is a desolate wasteland of a planet. Although there have been many theories about Mars and how it became what it is, the Theory of Feminist Mars is the most accepted of them all.

Origins[edit | edit source]

The theory of feminist Mars came about in around 2009, by some guy with a laptop. The theory was at first rightfully rejected by feminists, and it was largely accepted by bigoted men and nonsensible women.

The theory[edit | edit source]

We've all heard all that bullshit about plants on Mars, but this seems to make more sense:

Mars, like Earth, was a planet with lots of people, and plants, and fish and stuff on it. It existed for a while, the exact same way Earth did. Eventually, at about the 2050'th Mars year, bullshitting feminists took power and had all men and reasonably attractive women slaughtered in cold blood. What the feminists didn't think of (because feminists don't think) is that the only way to continue living would be to clone, but they were all too thick to know how to do it.

So, they waited out their life, bitching about pointless things, and how all men are selfish pigs, etc, etc. Eventually, the human race died out completely. Soon after, the serious effects of Global Warming began to kick in, and with no humans to do anything about saving the animals or any of that crap, life as a whole died out on Mars, leaving the planet as it is now.

Yes, that's right you bitchy feminist assholes, you destroyed a whole fucking planet with your ignorance and redicilous logic, and you'll do the same to Earth.

The average, garden variety feminist. They're really all that ugly.

Responses to the theory[edit | edit source]

Many feminist bullshitters have rejected this theory out of complete ignorance, however the theory is a complete fact, and is 100% true.

Though, don't bother explaining this to a feminist, as they despise anything and everything that is even slightly attractive, male, or opposes the feminist regime, and will bite your head and/or genitalia off.

Besides, who gives a fuck about feminists, they're all fat, ugly pieces of meat. I mean, seriously, you campaign for equal rites, yet believe you're superior to everything. The fact is, women are already equal, and you're just bitching because you can't get a boyfriend because you're so fat and ugly.

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