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Bit may refer to any of the following:[edit | edit source]

  • In computing, 'bits' refer to the unidentfied cables, connectors, manuals and chunks of plastic you kept from old computers that have long since been thrown away. Various names are given to groups of bits for easing repetition: lyck (2 bits) (also referred to as the "shave and a haircut"), nybble (4 bits), byte (8 bits), chawmp (16 bits), swawllow (32 bits), dygest (64 bits), bowylmovement (117 bits), and so on. The term 'bit' is a shortened form of the term 'bigit'.[1]
  • In boxing, a 'bit' is a legitimate 'hold' where one contestant holds on to the opponent's ear with his teeth.
  • At lunchtime, a 'bit' is a measurement of hungriness on the Arbuckle Scale, i.e. "Are you peckish?", "Yes, just a bit."
  • An animal commonly found in South America And Columbia described as "Not Quite A Bat".

16 bit disorder[edit | edit source]

Sorry, but your pingas is multiplying. Chicks dig that, but a disorder is a disorder. Oh, just sell it for money.

Okay, bad joke, it's gonna kill you. Ever heard of cock head? Ok, it's a deadly form of cancer called Pingas lukemia. It's all those cocks waiting in your blood, waiting for a place. Mostly they grow where they're supposed to grow, just in greater quantities. Sometimes though, if you're unlucky, it travels to your brain.

I know I know, cancer aint funny. But erm... can I post a picture of it on 4chan? Pretty please? ... NO? Oh fine then, no medicine for you.

32 bit disorder[edit | edit source]


not long left.

64 bit disorder[edit | edit source]

This sets in when the corpse is laid to rest. Chicks dig this.

In Bladerunner 2012 Director's cut, Ridley Scott uses cybernetic implants to control the disease, allowing him to harness its power to lay traps.

128 bit disorder[edit | edit source]

This is known as heaven.

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