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12 July 2007


When Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia are placed in Cold War period, One of Wikipedia's hero unit, Wikipe-Tan had an action. Temporarily We can't be sure that's an idea of Wikipe-Tan or Wikipedia. But anyway, this affair will affect the peace between Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia. And it may trigger a battle.

At 3:30 of 11-7-2007 in Hong Kong,while the Uncyclopedian, SunnyChow was writing in his sandbox, Wikipe-Tan suddenly appeared with arming. And then She yelled "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" to our poor Sunny. Sunny tried to freshed the article but Wikipe-Tan was still there. For alerting other Uncyclopedians, Sunny went to write an unnews article. fearfully, Wikipe-Tan appeared again and threatened Sunny.

After administrators' researching, it's believe that the Uncyclopedia system is affected by Wikipedia poison. Fortunately, Wikipe-Tan hadn't done any serious damage.