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26 December 2005

Bob & Karol and Ted & Allis

Halfie, Karol, left center, and fellow halfie, Tedd, right center, recently came out of the closet as Gay Men. Their brothers Bob, left, and Allister, Right, are reportedly "cool with it", but were initially surprised.

"I am not all that crazy about the receptive intercourse, but I don't mind the active", - Allister.
"I guess you could have called me bi-curious 6 mos ago, but no more", - Bob.

The GLBT Alliance has agreed to add CT to their acronym to show their solidarity to the conjoined twins. This being primarily due to the straight halves of each.

"The GLBTCT Alliance Supports these men's example for conjoined gay/straight twins everywhere." - GLBTCT Director of Coming Out Services, Anonymous.
"Its such a relief to be out, because I really wanted to go to Elton John's wedding" - Karol
"Finally something interesting in our dull little family" - the boy's mother, Francesca.

Complicating the matter is that each pair of conjoinees have one gay and one straight. But at least they are matched up when they face one another. The boys were not actually invited to the wedding, but have not been told, until now.