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25 October 2008

McCain heading to the Democrat National Convention
Another of McCain's disguises
McCain can be identified here by the size of his forehead

McCain accused of 'dressing up'[edit]

US Presidential candidate Brack Obama has accused his rival John 'The Plumber' McCain of distracting him at various Democrat state conventions. Obama has accused McCain of 'dressing up' and distracting Obama when he was making speeches. Obama himself said 'I've seen him in the crowd dressing up in various diguises and yelling out at me when I'm up on stage. As I've said its time for change, but his ugly campaign is just stupid'. John 'Six Pack' McCain said 'I have no idea what this guy is talkin' about, I ain't no racist'. While there were no racist allegations by Obama, McCain continued to defend himself saying 'No I'm not a racist, I love those people, anyway Obama isn't truly black, he's like half...'. Although McCain has denied his 'ugly' tactics, UnNews can confirm he has appeared at a number of Democrat conventions in a number of diguises, such as a fruit salad, a can of aerosol and a bearded lady. These accusations come at a time when Obama is gradually pulling away in opinion polls as many believe he will go on to win the election for 'King of the World'. McCain now appears desperate as this incident adds to the rest of McCain's negative campaign. McCain has been accused of immature tactics such as dropping bannanas in Obama's path, cutting Obama's brakes and attempting to stab Obama in the neck with a pitchfork. McCain has denied all of these accusations despite the fact he was caught on camera in all cases, however he is generally considered a harmless old man.


Obama Criticises 'ugly' tactics