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30 June 2010

Anderson Cooper with a man in his pooper.

Anderson Cooper's Pooper -- Today, a naked man ran his hand through Anderson Cooper's pooper.

The naked man then slammed his balls to a wall. In agony he fell down a flight of stairs in his bloody underwear.[1]

"He did rub his hand through my pooper," said an embarrassed Anderson Cooper. "Now my pooper hurts. I guess it was a bad day to wear skirts. Last time I flirt with dessert. "

The serial pooper scooper will be in Fort Court[2] next beach week[3]. This will be after a medical report in order to sort if this man is insane in the membrane.[4]

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Here I Promote Footnotes[edit]

  1. Naked man stole underwear from Saint Claire
  2. A court in a fort.
  3. Federal holiday, aka "Casual Friday"
  4. Insane in the brain.