UnNews:Jay Leno's chin falls off

25 July 2009

Jay Leno's infamous chin has fallen off, local parademics say. Leno was rushed to the local hospital after nodding his head in response to a question asked by Marilyn Monroe, ghost star that evening. "It was shockin'," said Cleetus Kenker, audience member. "He just nodded his head, and bam! There's his chin on the effin' ground!" At the hospital, Dr. Jeremiah Refnette officially declared Leno's chin dead. Mavis Leno, Leno's wife, says that a memorial will be held on Monday. "His chin was the most important thing in the world to me besides him," Mrs. Leno said. "It's a great shock." Doctors say that his chin is in such bad condition that they are unable to sew it back on. Leno's spot where the chin was has been replaced with a more round rubber chin temporarily. Mr. Leno said, "I'm so sorry to all my chin's fans out there. It's a shock to all of us." Many fans are outraged at this. Maria Eño said, "His chin will be sorely missed." More information is expected to come in soon.


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