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“Getting Everything Wrong”

~ Oscar Wilde on This quote is incorrectly programmed

This is the wrong article, you idiot, clearly you don't know what you're doing, no don't click that, it only leads back here, except you're no good at anything, imbecile. You weren't supposed to come here, or if you linked here, you also screwed up, get a clue. You fail at life, the universe, and everything, leave now and let someone who knows what they're doing handle this.

Screwing It All Up

This is completely wrong, you inept buffoon, the title is in normal text and the content has been made a header, what the Hell are you doing?![edit | edit source]

Go Away

What? You're still here? Look this is all your fault, show some humility and have the decency to leave before you ruin something else too...[edit | edit source]

This image is in no way related to anything in the universe ever.

See Also

* No, no, this is just pathetic, the links go at the bottom of the article, BOTTOM![edit | edit source]

* Does this look like the bottom to you?[edit | edit source]

* On second thought, don't answer that, you're too incompetent to formulate a cohesive answer.[edit | edit source]

Getting It Right

Sorry, but you're beyond redemption or salvation. I mean, look at this thing, will you just look at it? Yeah, not so confident now are you, not so "I can do it if I believe!!1", loser... And virgin.[edit | edit source]

"What Can I Do?"

* Kill Yourself: Make the world a better, less error-prone place.[edit | edit source]

I tried to but the razor blade is dull and keeps hitting my shoes

* Huff A Kitten: Perhaps you'll forget how to fail.[edit | edit source]

I tried but i can't get the taste of dog out of my mouth

* Go To Wikipedia: Only as a LAST RESORT, try the above first, twice, each, before considering this.[edit | edit source]

They love me there!