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This woman just remembered that one time she crossed the road.

Why is crossing the road so very embarrassing? So very cringe?

I mean you could get run over and make an idiot of yourself.

Have you ever crossed the road and then paused with the realisation, nay dread suspicion, of how embarrassing what you are doing actually really is? The weight of eyes upon you and the sea of angry, angry faces?

Every time I cross the street, angry drivers mock me and call me "chicken." It's not my fault I don't own a fucking car! First of all, I never learned how to drive. Hell, I can barely drive a bumper car! I can't steer to save my life. And even if I did learn to drive and have my own car, it would be electric. Do I look like I make Elon money?

Ways to make crossing the road less embarrassing[edit]

Crossing the road is far less embarassing when you're on acid
  • Running across the road
  • Wearing clothes; studies have shown that wearing clothes can help alleviate feelings of social unease when crossing the road.
  • Cartwheeling
  • Drugs
  • Antidepressants
  • Hiring a helicopter
  • Tunneling under the road
  • Wearing a invisability suit; although this could be dangerous if drivers get impatient and ignore traffic lights.

How crossing the road feels to the uniniated[edit]

Words are too clumsy to trully capture or cummincate the raw feeling of humiliation that can be felt while crossing the road. A crack time of troubled turtle neck wearing existiential poets have combined their pens (3 muscateer style) to create the best metaphors:

  • Crossing the road can feel like walking into a 7 star resturant with a rainbow coloured sausage dog hanging on your penis penis.

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