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[1]Money is a piece of paper delicately extracted from the Amazon rainforest. The goverment then plants spy cameras in it and forces us to use as currency. Like let’s be honest here, everyone would rather use lego as currency.

Verb: money meaning: to be a politdician

Noun: money meaning: a piece of paper used as currency

Uses in sentenses :

verb: I moneyed

noun: I don’t have money

List of different currencies:

Text symbol Meaning Where is it found
$ dollar sign Your wallet
¢ Cent symbol currency. A United States one-cent coin, also known as a "penny". You pocket
euro sign Nowhere
£ pound sign The local tea shop
¥ Japanese yen or the Chinese yuan currencies. Japan or china
Korean Won sign Squid game piggy pank
Russian ruble sign Putin
Indian rupee sign Indian imperial empire
¤ generic currency symbol Generic currency symbol
Philippine peso sign Indonesia >:)
Nigerian naira currency symbol Nigeria
ƒ The florin sign is a symbol that is used for the currencies named florin, also called guilder. Florence?
Tugrik is the official currency of Mongolia. Mongol empire
Bengali rupee currency symbol. Bangladesh
Rupee currency symbol which used in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Mauritius and Seychelles. South Asians who are not Indian or Bengali
Tamil rupee currency sign (Sri Lankan rupee alternative sign) Tamilkan is not a country yet so…..
฿ Baht is the official currency of Thailand. One baht = 100 satang. Wtf is a satang?!
The riel is the currency of Cambodia. Cambodia I guess?
The shekel sign is a currency sign used for the Israeli new shekel, which is the currency of the State of Israel. Isreal
The đồng has been the currency of Vietnam. Vietnam
Lao kip is the currency of Laos since 1955. Laos
The guaraní is the national currency unit of Paraguay. Paraguay
The hryvnia sign is a currency symbol used for the Ukrainian hryvnia currency since 2004. Ukraine not Russia
The Ghanaian cedi is the unit of currency of Ghana. Ghana
The rial is the currency of Iran Iran
A cryptocurrency. "DIEM" (aka "LIBRA") is a digital currency proposed by the American social media company Facebook, Inc. Mark zuckerburg
A cryptocurrency. bitcoin sign Robin Hood internet i guess
Ł latin capital letter L with stroke. A cryptocurrency. "Litecoin". 🔥 🔥 coin
Ð Latin Capital letter Eth. A cryptocurrency. "Dogecoin". Elon musk maybe
A cryptocurrency. "Cardano". "ADA" Wtf is this