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Jew Jersey is in the Excited States of America.

Recently Jew Jersey was bored so it wanted to add New York and Philadelphia to the state. It was founded after Old Jersey got sunken by Poseidon. Its main industries are corn, wood, dust, horse rides, and art not!



New York City[edit]

new york as seen from a boat

New York City is New Bjork City's sister city and has no ice castle but is known for being built atop of liquor.

What to do: go shopping for drugs down 5th avenue, ride the walrus, jump off the Umpire State Building, vandalise the UN, go smell the roses of Central Park, ride a camel, go golfing, see the operas like Nightmare on Elm Street, Carmen, Barber of Seville, or Sliders, see a Broadway play, dance, play poker, see an erotic art museum, view the most famous work of erotic art, eat bagels, and wash people's windshields as they come out of the Lincoln Tunnel.


This city is famous for sandwiches, pie, ice, and experiments. It is home to Benjamin Franklin who often parties at his mansion. What to do:You can paint on ceilings, ski, go for 18 holes of golf, see the liberty bell or party at Ben Franklin's house.

Atlantis City[edit]

This city was built by rich man Pennypags to bring vacationers to the beach. It is home to a palace made from marshmallows and has the infamous jail. It also gets cold in the winter from the snow. The city is patterned after Atlantis to amuse the clowns. It also is home to Miss Atlantic.


A beautiful city in the high foothills of the Appalachian mountains overlooking New York. It is home to Logan St. Claire. What to do: Visit the famous 16th century castle built by the Ancient Geese.


Minor Cities[edit]

Cape May[edit]

Superhero capital of America. Batman, Superman, Spiderman,Ironman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Stevie Wonder, Cap'n Crunch, Tony the Tiger, the Fantastic Four, Aquaman, the Flash, Zorak, the X-Men, the X-rated Men, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Samurai Lincoln, and Pop all live here.

Mystic Islands[edit]

The most mystic place on Earth, where the Wizard of Oz and Into the Mystic were made.

Cherry Hill[edit]

Home to the Cherry Groves that make it famous.


An Industrial City known for its fast food and ballet. It has a University built by the Druids (out of their own spit).


Ugly City because of its uranium factories, mostly built by Willy Wonka. It never was beautiful. Ever. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, it's in Delaware. Joe Biden lived here.

Los Chiyorkphigo[edit]

also known as the Big Disappointment, it is soon to be renamed Winfrey City, Los Chiyorkphigo is home to the Church of Oprah. for more info klick here

Other destinations[edit]

  • Viagra Falls - Due to ongoing misuse of anabolic steroids, the only waterfall to run uphill.



No one understands what anyone from "Joisey" is saying. Fogeddiboutit.

Get in[edit]

  • das Hindenburg, 1939 Hitlerstrasse, Berlin. A favorite of Led Zeppelin fans for many years. Daily departures from Europe to New Jersey.

Get around[edit]


  • Bon Jovi, Living on a Prayer Stadium. We realise it's painful, but there's nothing else to do in New Jersey
  • The Jersey Shore people, That house in Jersey Shore. Party with those guidoes and fuck like there's no tomorrow! NOTE: Before visiting them, read this first.


White Star Line's RMS Titanic offers itineraries from Southampton UK to NYC; if you survive, complimentary onward connections via New Jersey are offered by the Pennsylvania Railroad.

As the Penn Central is even more of a wreck than the Titanic, proceed at your own risk and try not to get sidetracked.


  • Build a hôtel on Boardwalk and establish a Monopoly. All of the locations on a standard US Monopoly board are available from any Atlantic City realtor™ at foreclosure prices.


  • Go to the Thousand Islands for the salad buffet.
  • Go to Philadelphia and load up on cream cheese.


  • Like any other third-world country, don't drink the water.

Stay safe[edit]

Only one way to stay safe.. don't go to Joisey.

Go next[edit]

  • Boston. And don't look back. It's more than a feeling, Amanda.