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8 February 2021
At 6:30 PM EST, or 23:30 UTC, Super Bowl 55 began! Yes, we actually had 54 before! However, this was the first COVID bowl. It was Kansas City vs Tampa. It was in......Tampa! Because of the COVID bowl, everyone had to make sure they didn't have COVID before the game started. Especially due to flaring numbers.

It was Tom Brady's 10th appearance at a Super Bowl. Tom Brady, the cheater, who led the Patriots to victory, is in Tampa.(Yeah, he led the 34-28 game against the Falcons, even though they were winning 28-3). And he's back. Despite being 43. I know, it's insane.)

Also, in the spirit of us electing our first female vice president, the referee was female. Oh, 2021.

Logo of the Super bowl.

1st quarter[edit]

Kickoff was at 23:37 UTC (6:37 PM EST) on February 7. A nor'easter, now known as the Super Bowl Nor'Easter, dumped tons of snow in the Northeast. It finally stopped though, by kickoff. At 00:01 UTC February 8, or 7:01 PM EST on February 7, Kansas City got there first field goal. However, Tampa then got a touchdown and a field goal, so when the 1st quarter ended, at 00:19 UTC(7:19 PM EST), Tampa was winning 7-3. Which Brady liked.

2nd quarter[edit]

The 2nd quarter was long and brutal. So Kansas City is screwed, as of this writing. It ended at 01:16 UTC February 8, or 8:16 PM February 7 in EST, which it was in their location.

3rd quarter[edit]

Tampa's lead widened to 31-9! Not that anybody cares. They scored a 52 yard goal, because of course they did. Besides that, Kansas City had the ball in their hand and they still missed. Wow, do they suck.

4th quarter[edit]

No action to begin, but at around 02:45 UTC February 8 (9:45 PM EST February 7), a man with a HOT ASS was on the field. Bruh. In the end, the game ended shortly thereafter and Tampa won 31-9. Like Tom Brady needs yet another super bowl ring! THEY HAVE SIX!!!! In the end, Kansas City lost mostly because they committed 8 penalties, so they are clearly a bot like team.

MAYBE this is the proof this happened? Maybe not?