UnNews:Space junk safely Comes Down in Indian Ocean

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Sunday 9 May 2021

Space Junk

On Saturday 8 May 2021 the Chinese government space program's controversial space junk safely landed in the Indian Ocean. The Chinese leadership has come under criticism for the negligent placement of the space junk in low earth orbit. SpaceX has confirmed when it has developed the capability to operate starships in space, there will be the ability to deal with any large space junk, should that be necessary. Others have questioned the usefulness and concern over spacecraft based on a traditional Chinese sailing ship in the first place. In response, the US Space Force is studying the feasibility of upgrading the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise for spaceflight and Japan has begun the salvage and refitting of the Yamato with alien spaceflight technology it has recently come into possession of. Most of Europe is waiting on what the United States does while Russia is siding with China and refitting the tall ship Sedov for launch on an upgraded N1 clone. The Chinese government has been silent on the issue so far.