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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Vietnam flooding from Linfa. Almost looks like a swimming pool.

Earlier on this month, the Western Pacific retired 5 names-Vongfong, Linfa, Molave, Goni, and Vacmo. We will review these names and see if they should have been retired.

Vongfong-Hell to the fuckish no to the most possible extent-What the hell? This literally did less damage then an EF2 tornado in Atlanta. Deaths were low, too.....I think the Phillippines just retired there name Ambo to be confusing and then begged to PASAGA like a crybaby, who then acted. Lol.

Linfa-Just a weak tropical storm with 45/50mph winds. However, it dropped a bridge underwater and 90 INCHES of rain. It did nearly a billion, though Wikipedia is confusing to navigate, as it always is, and Linfa drowned 138 soul in Vietnam. They then requested it never be used again, which was Symbol for vote.svg Approved.

Damage from Molave, photo taken late October 2020.

Molave was certaintly a malevolent storm. Molave did severe damage in the Phillippines and Vietnam, taking a combined 68 deaths. This worsened Linfa(and Nangka, but that did nothing important), and did enough damage that it was more then anyone in Zimbabwe. Two countries requested retirement, one of them who named in Quinta.

Goni-Packed winds 195 MPH. 195 fucking mph! At landfall! That's a record, but so is 2020 as a whole. Retired as PASAGA name Rolly and it was the 7th costliest storm in the Phillippines, causing at least 32 people and causing anywhere from $400 million to a fricking BILLION DOLLARS IN ECONOMIC DAMAGES!!! I'm suprised it wasn't retired in 2015, though.

Vacmo-Named Ulysees in the Phillippines. There sixth costliest storm. What was this, fuck with Phillippines season? At least $440 mil and possibly a bil down the economic drain. A dam shit the bed, causing a lot of damage. The Phillippines were the only one to request retirement, as 101 of the 102 deaths were there. Also vietnam was underwater.