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Monday, March 29, 2021

Newfoundland winds.

“Don't go out for the next 14 hours. If you do, make it quick. It's not horrible out, but pretty bad”

~ Judy Foote

Tropical storms have winds ≥39mph. Newfoundland has winds up to 45mph. Why? Well, because first of all, Nova Scotia hasn't had enough wind, and winds are extreme on the East Coast. They also are in the most screwed position. The lowest wind spped is 27mph, and the west has winds consistently tropical storm force. Montana and Wyoming also have extreme winds.

That's sustained. Gusts, not in southwest Canada, but Newfoundland, are at 71mph, nearly hurricane force. Which means going outside is deadly. Now, why?

Well, extreme pressure gradients. One side is 994mb and one is 1015. That's extreme pressure gradients. Pressure gradient is the cause of wind. New Brunswick gets as low as 984, but it's a dome of moisture. Nova Scotia isn't. They have pressure boiling in on both sides. Montana also has steep gradients, but not as much. There is snow on one side, not a flake on the other, which is bad. Blizzards! Yeap, blizzards can go this far. I mean, there was a category 4 in mid-April 2018.

Now what does this mean? Bad stuff. The temperatures are ~30°F, but the feels like gets as low as 10°F, due to high winds. Which is deadly. So, it's probably not a good idea to come out right now. And yes, this is the same as the rainstorm that battered the Northeast last night. Blizzards move further north, leading to these extreme cases, and Newfoundland frequently gets this.

Will this be a billion dollar economic disaster? No. Few live here and it's not too bad. I mean, when Tropical Storm Hanna struck close to New York City in 2008, with 52mph winds, damage was minimal. Just because it has strong winds doesn't make it costly, a lot of it depends on poor info structure and if a dumbass designs it. The winds will be temporary, the storm is moving through. Millions is  Possible, but just that. Nothing higher. It will last till midnight local time (03:00 UTC), and then end, as the storm won't stall forever. So stop panicking! I swear this happens too much! Everyone keeps panicking. STOP PANICKING! You won't die! This isn't like Winter Storm Uri. You will be ok, just relax, before you get a heart attack and die that way! I swear this is so annoying. Newfoundland is known for having extreme winds, this isn't like Hurricane Juan of '03 where they were deadly. This is just a few dozen miles an hour. Stop. Power outages at worst. Ca I be released early/ They're being annoying.