UnNews:For once, Long Island is warm as cold air moves farther east

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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

It is finally warm in Nassau County

Long Island spent a while freezing there butts off. However, it is finally warm. See that green? Yeah, we weren't in the green for a while. And we won't be for a while. So I thought an UnNews article should be made, highlighting this event.

Those tempatures were unthinkable even a week ago!

The jet stream, you see, is what controls all the tempatures. Kapeech? Good. It....dipped. Way further south then it was in the last 150 years. Can you believe it? 150 fucking years! That's why February was so miserable and most of January.....wasn't. However, this feat was only at roughly 9:30 AM EST(14:30 UTC), and even though not all of Long Island is lucky enough to be this warm, most of it is warmer then average. Albany? 30°F. That's unbelievable. New York City? 42°F. Philadelphia? 41°F. Toms River? 53°F. See how it is significantly warmer then average? Most of Joe Biden state itself is cooler then us, although it does get to 55°F. All of this while DC is 40°F, Baltimore is 39°F; even Richmond is 45°F! Although parts of Virginia are 58°F.

Wait though, remember when I said how west is significantly cooler? That's bad news. That cold air will overtake the Northeast. For once, last night, there was a rainstorm. That is unimaginable! The first of the month! It actually got to 0.34 inches. Considering most of Ohio is in the teens, and winds blow east, it's a no brainer what happens. Cold. Air. Comes. It's going to get as low as 30°F tonight, and not till Friday will it even get up to a reasonable 39°F.

On the bright side, at least Montana is warm. Parts of it are warmer then virtually all of Texas. Which is engaging in rolling power outages.