The Last Jedi

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“Oh, fuck me sideways. Not an article about The Last fucking Jedi. Seriously??? We're still fucking doing this?? For real? Uncyclopedia hasn't been fucking popular since, what, 2010? We've left one fucking website for another fucking website and now we're on another fucking website? And we're doing this fucking movie? Uncyclopedia is seemingly a community of nihilistic Reddit fuckholes who drink Dr. Pepper and joke about their depression. What the fuck made you think that an article about The Last Jedi would ever be a good fucking idea??? This is going to be a literal fucking WARZONE of depravity and despair. Reading this article is going to literally fucking debase you. Reading this article will want to make you travel back in fucking time and assassinate fucking Tim fucking Berners-fucking-Lee before he can even fucking create the fucking internet. This is a fucking deflated turd of an Uncyclopedia article, you fucking vainglorious weeb fuckholes. Stop fucking reading this fucking sentence, you fu-”

~ I don't even fucking know anymore

Star Wars Episode IDK: The Last Jedi is a 2018 American space anime film directed by Rian Johnson. It is the eighth film to be released in the Star Wars saga, the second of the sequels, and the only Star Wars sequel to have spawned successful memes.