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Phoebe Tess "the artist formerly known as Tess", getting too excited just for a stinky Cat!

"Smelly Cat" is a cat (real name: Sally), who is known for stinky smells and making its owners nauseous and sick! No one, except for Phoebe Tess "the artist formerly known as Tess" Buffay has ever loved the cat! This cat was eventually turned into a group of four Portuguese blokes called Gato Fedorento.


  • Smelly Cat is a real cat, it was born in 1988, it's Mother was ironically a very Clean Cat!
  • First discovered by a 3yr old girl in New York but her mother threw it back out onto the street after the Cat got into a can of Mouldy Flour and Water! The house had to be torn down 2 weeks later after fumigation failed to remove the Stench!
  • 1992 Starred in it's own TV show named "the Stink" but only lasted for 3 episodes! surprisingly it wasn't because of low ratings (The Stink had one of the highest viewership ever) It got cancelled because the Studio started to stink terribly, so they fired the cat!
  • Phoebe Tess "the artist formerly known as Tess" Buffay Took the Cat in to live with her for over a year!
  • this stinky ass cat once appeared on the final episode of seinfield, but you have to look really, really REALLY hard if you want to catch a glimpse of that stinky stink!

Possible explanations of the Smell?[edit]

  • Possible answer is the cat getting into Mouldy Flour, but that cant' be proven since the Daughter's Mom won't answer calls.
  • May have eaten some really bad Fish during its days on the streets
  • It was just born Smelly.
  • Phoebe Tess "the artist formerly known as Tess" must have farted on da poor cat....


Phoebe Tess "the artist formerly known as Tess" and her famous song "Smelly Cat"

 Smelly cat, smelly cat
 What are they feeding you?
 Smelly cat, smelly cat
 It's not your fault
 They won't take you to the vet
 You're obviously not their favourite pet
 You may not be a bed of roses
 And you're no friend to those with noses

Famous Cat[edit]

  • Sally "Smelly Cat" has become very famous with her own video and even a jingle on a tv commercial (she didn't star in it due to contract stalls), but the Song Smelly Cat by her past owner Phoebe Tess "the artist formerly known as Tess" has made her a big star! She is still alive at the age of 18 and lives on welfare after losing all her money at the track!

The Actual Smelly Cat!

Smelly Cat actually is known as Garfields Long Lost Cousin!

“ I want nothing to do with that Cat!...”

~ Garfield on Smelly Cat