Ronald Rump

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Ronald Rump
Donald Trump hair.jpg
We can't actually show you a picture of Ronald Rump because he has copyrights on all pictures of him. Above you will see his twin.
Assumed office
January 1, 5.4 billion years B.C.
Personal details
Born Birth place unknown
Birth place unknown
Political party Republican, Communist, National Llama Party
Spouse(s) Strangely, none
Children None
Religion Himself

Ronald "McDonald™" Rump is the secret twin of Donald Trump, a amateur wine maker, the namesake of McDonald's, the cause of all major and minor world events, and the real 45th and current President of the United States and President of Mars. He is known for his ability to cause and/or control major world events to his liking, as well as his massive collection of cheese. He is a card carrying member of the Communist Party, the Republican Party and the National Llama Party. However, he is known for coining interesting new words to replace current words (Examples: Infantroopen, Ulicious S. Grant, Franklin Delayno Roosevelt, Anominous, Obamna, and most importantly, the Oranges). These words, along with many more, are the reason he has the "Best Words." That is the reason no one is permitted to speak to him without acknowledging such verbal prowess (Or as he would say "Prohwess").

When he's not controlling major world events, he is often seen relaxing on beaches or buying new territory for the Trump Organization. As of right now, his current address is in some dump named The White House



While the exact origins are yet unknown. Scientist do agree that Ronald Rump has existed before the Big Bang. It has also been established that he is related to Donald Trump. Several texts have documented his existence, however. Here is an excerpt from an unreleased religious text:

"In the beginning, there was nothing, except an orange man. The man has displayed immense accumen pertaining to vocabulary."

Impact on World Events[edit]

Ronald Rump has had a profound effect on history.